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Archive for April, 2008

British Gas Profits

British Gas

British Gas has recently reported some of the largest profits ever. Yet, consumers are faced with increasing energy prices each and every year. In order to understand the process of profits in the gas industry and how they are applied by the companies, it is important to evaluate British Gas, their processes and the outcome […]

Insulating Pipes and Tanks – Simple DIY Job to save money

Hot Water Tank Insulation Having an uninsulated hot water tank is not that common nowadays but should you own an older property there is a chance that it’s not been done. Hot water jackets can picked up from most DIY stores at very reasonable prices, Wickes sell one for just £12 which can easily be […]

10 Really Simple Ways To Reduce Your Utility Bills

We’re always being told of ways to reduce our bills and greenhouse gasses, these usually consist of expensive home improvements such as double glazing or energy efficient condensing boilers. So, I thought I’d put together a list of ways we’ve reduced our own heating bills without spending a fortune. So here you go, 10 really […]