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Archive for August, 2008

New British Gas Boiler Offer

British Gas have just released a new offer that runs until 25th October 2008. In summary this is as follows and applies to new boiler and central heating installations • Save up to £604 off a new boiler with British Gas – hurry as the offer ends 25th October! • £300 off when you trade […]

Avoiding Cowboy Plumbers

The last thing you want when you have a plumbing job that needs doing is to hire the services of cowboy plumbers. These dishonest tradesmen regularly pass themselves off as reputable plumbers but then go on to provide sub-standard work for the price you pay. So how do you tell who is honest and who […]

Avoiding Co2 Poisoning

Avoiding Co2 Poisoning Carbon dioxide, or Co2, is an often-overlooked killer. Although the air always contains an amount of Co2 that we breathe in and out every day, and is perfectly harmless in normal conditions, a build up of Co2 in the air will cause humans and animals to absorb less oxygen into their bloodstream […]

Cheapest Energy Tariffs

It’s been a turbulent week in the energy and utilities market with gas and electricity price increases from British Gas, with more companies to follow suit it’s a good time to ensure you’re on the best tariff available and if not , switch. There are two tariffs you should be investigating, fixed price plans which […]

Understanding Home Heating & Insulation

Home heating systems obviously vary in complexity, cost and suitability from property to property. The most affordable home heating system is a gas-fired combination – or “combi” for short – boiler which allows all the major components to be housed in one unit and does away with hot and cold water storage tanks. A combi […]