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Archive for May, 2009

Green Money: Planet-Saving Profiteers

Generally speaking, choosing a renewable energy supply for a household’s central heating is a principled choice. It is not, however, traditionally seen as a way to make money. This is because the installation of, for example, solar hot water heating demands a hefty financial outlay – and the bigger the property, the bigger the upfront […]

Economic and Environmental Disaster: Homemakers to the Rescue!

Okay, so it may be a stretch to suggest that the woeful economy or ensuing natural catastrophes may be thwarted by a little common sense employed at home. Indeed, it may be the case that neither can be recovered. Likewise, neither might prove quite as serious as forecasts would have us believe. Nevertheless, both problems […]

Expert Predicts Changes to Home Heating by 2030

Tom Gocze, a home improvement writer and energy expert has said that by the year 2030 he predicts most of us won’t be using oil, gas or wood to heat our homes. Gocze’s predictions are based on information from a variety of sources. In an article for the Bangor Daily News, Gocze cited heat pump […]

Canada Invests in Green Home Heating

Reports have recently announced that Canadian officials are eager to help the country’s citizens to use greener ways to heat and power their homes. Over 400,000 Canadian Dollars are being poured in to a specialist water heating program that uses solar panels to store heat. The new green-heating scheme is called ecoENERGY for Renewable Heat […]

New Developments for Solar Panelling

A company named Armageddon Energy are making waves in the US by trying to make solar power more accessible to normal households. The new technology can be installed quickly on to the roof of a person’s home straight from the box and they make what was an awkward and difficult conversion to solar power a […]