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Archive for June, 2009

Average Household Now Being Overcharged on Gas and Electric by £74 a Year!

Watchdog Consumer Focus has released a report stating that energy companies are withholding £1.6bn worth of savings from their customers. Widely reported all over the media when the story broke on 25th June, the Watchdog Consumer Focus report states that energy companies have failed to act to bring consumers household energy bills down, in-line with […]

Renewable Energy Solution – Algae, The Third Generation Bio-fuel

A check-list for an ideal renewable energy source may go a little bit like this… Source must not require soil, not need fresh water, be space efficient, absorb CO2 and should create own energy from the sun… Well, the Renewable Energy World Magazine says that all those boxes on the renewable energy source check-list can […]

The Importance of Having Your Gas Boiler Serviced

The current global recession has meant that the majority of people have had to try to find ways to cut spending, tighten their belts and carefully budget to manage money. During this time of financial hardship, it can be very tempting to cut costs that are not seen as priority or urgent. For example, many […]

Wind Turbines for the Home: a Waste of Time?

Domestic Wind Turbine

In a world where burning fossil fuels has been shown to damage the environment, greater attention has been given to finding alternative energy sources, such as through the use of solar hot water heating panels. Another method of providing green energy at home is through the harnessing of wind power, which already makes up a […]

Code for Sustainable Homes: Developers Making Inroads

Barratt Developments Plc and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have received good news this week in their quest to reach a Level 6 standard of housing in respect to the Code for Sustainable Homes, which was launched by the UK Government in April 2007. Barratt Developments and the HCA have received planning permission to […]

Google PowerMeter: Mapping Electricity Consumption in the Home

Energy consumers are constantly advised to save electricity in their home or workplace, but how many people actually understand what this entails? Without doubt, it is fairly obvious that unnecessarily leaving equipment on all day will result in a waste of electricity. This can also be applied to leaving a television or sky box on […]

Hot Rocks: the Hottest Renewable Energy Story of the Summer

We all know about the virtues of solar hot water heating and other methods of harvesting renewable energy on a large scale, such as hydroelectric power plants and the countless wind turbines that sit atop hills across the country. With rising central heating costs and the sensitivity of the traditional fossil fuel markets to external […]

Going Green – Simple Energy Saving Tips

There is now such a widespread knowledge of global warming and an awareness that immediate measures must be undertaken to help fight the burgeoning problem that consumers are understanding of what it takes to reduce their carbon footprint. However, there is a perception that saving the planet is a futile battle if not everybody does […]

Boiler Guide Launched – Find Local Boiler and Heating Engineers

We’re pleased to announce our sister site Boiler Guide has been launched, the site offers a complete list of nationwide engineers for the installation and servicing of gas and oil central heating boilers. The site enables consumers to find and locate engineers in their area and in some cases request quotes directly through the site. […]