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Archive for August, 2009

Tidal Power for Islay

Islay Waves

Islay is one of Scotland’s most famous and beautiful islands. With a population of around 3,500 and approximately 620 square kilometres of land, the island comprises a close community of inhabitants and features stunning scenery. Tourism is one of the key industries in addition to birdwatching and malt whisky distilling, whilst the climate in the […]

Nimbys: the Real Threat to Renewable Energy?


The so-called Nimbys, or ‘not in my back yards’, have been blamed for many things over the years. Nimbys are easy targets because they are faceless individuals who can be used to demonstrate a point without there being the need to prove it with statistics. Furthermore, as Vestas’ vice president, Peter Kruse, recently pointed out, […]

Flagging British Wind Power

Wind turbine scout moor

When the UK Government talks about its ambitious renewable energy plans to develop new sites for wind power stations, the less favourable reality is the UK is lagging behind the rest of the developed world. Despite the fact that major energy companies such as E.ON & British Gas are pushing for increased wind power technology […]

Is Solar Energy a Dwindling Ray of Hope?

Solar house

The benefits of solar energy, harvested both on a mass scale and domestically through the installation of solar panels on rooftops, have been widely lauded by environmentalists, power companies and the UK Government. In pursuit of zero carbon homes, solar energy is regarded as one of the principal agents of change in home central heating. […]

Watt Watchers

E.ON has recently launched its Watt Watchers 2009 competition. Whilst this is clearly a pun on the popular calorie-busting programme, it is not inappropriate. In fact, Watt Watchers 2009 is remarkably similar to the aforementioned weight loss group as it encourages users to reduce their excessive consumption in order to slim down. More specifically, the […]

Government Lending Goes Green

Green energy grant

The domestic central heating and insulation markets are set for a boost if plans to allow homeowners to borrow up to £10,000 for renewable energy home improvements go ahead. Announced within the last few days, the plans have been devised by the UK’s Green Building Council, which was asked to facilitate a workable strategy for […]

E.ON Renewable Energy Supported by SeaZone

Wind turbine at sea

Owning and managing 21 operational wind farm sites across the UK, E.ON is the country’s leading developer/operator of this green renewable energy. Indeed, E.ON is the driving force behind the UK Government’s commitment to ensure by 2020, 15 million homes in the country are powered exclusively by wind farms. Although this target has been criticised […]

British Gas New Energy and AlertMe Team Up


If you want to reduce your households carbon emissions, save money and cut energy consumption, but are finding it difficult to know how to proceed, the latest trial between the award winning energy saving company, AlertMe and a division of British Gas, may just be the answer. AlertMe have developed energy monitoring equipment that customers […]