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Archive for September, 2009

Bid to Salvage Flagging Green Energy Strategy

Wind turbine scout moor

The UK’s green energy targets have been widely derided as lacking ambition or not sufficiently aggressive to make a difference to global warming. Indeed, the facts remain that the hole in the ozone layer is expanding at an alarming rate, having increased in size from 130,000 sq km to 25,000,000 sq km in the past […]

Falling Energy Costs, Rising Energy Prices

Gas & Electricity - Average Householders Overcharged

On the back of a deep recession, from which the British economy is only just beginning to emerge, it is unfortunate that times are unlikely to improve for many domestic energy consumers. In fact, there are indications that energy prices are likely to rise over the winter and, if there is one term that has […]

Central Networks seeks Public Opinion

Power cut

A rumble of thunder sounds overhead before the first flash of lightning electrifies the night sky. The satellite television is holding out as the winds pick up and rain begins to lash down. All is safe and cosy at home – until the power goes off. Unfortunately, this is a familiar tale for many domestic […]

Energy Consumers Suffer Digital Divide – Online Paperless Billing Means Cheaper Bills

Paperless billing brings cheaper bills

The internet has revolutionised how people go about their everyday business – from supermarket shopping and banking to booking flights or checking the weather, the internet makes almost everything easier. Many people build large social networks online and even find partners, so it is hardly surprising energy companies have provided fast and effective online sign […]

10:10 – a Chance to Save the World?


The domestic central heating industry is being infiltrated by calls for green, renewable sources of energy. This, it is argued, is essential to save humanity. Whilst many people continue to dismiss such claims as pure sensationalism, the environmental threat that is facing mankind is in no way unfounded. Indeed, the planet is heading towards a […]

Newspaper Log Maker – Don’t Eat Your Words…. Recycle Them!

Paper log maker

If you have a wood burner or a combustion stove, you may be interested in a nifty little device that turns old newspapers into paper logs! Showcased (quite aptly) by the Guardian Newspaper, in their Eco Store section, a Newspaper Log Maker is the ideal way to recycle and reuse old newspapers as a source […]

The Incandescent Bulb Argument Flares Again!

Energy saving bulb

There have been concerns over Britain’s move from traditional incandescent bulbs to their more energy efficient counterparts. Fluorescent energy saving bulbs are generally regarded as healthier for the environment and home energy bills. In fact, up to £45 or so can be saved using the more eco-friendly bulbs because they use up to 80% less […]