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Archive for October, 2009

Vegetable Oil Power Stations: Slippery Slope to Environmental Disaster?

There is much controversy surrounding the emergence of vegetable oil as a fuel source for domestic power stations. Blue-NG’s vegetable oil power station in Beckton, East London, has been lauded and derided in equal measure. On the one hand, deriving electricity from vegetable oil is seen as an effective, efficient and environmentally friendly process attracting […]

Didcot Power Station Protests

Didcot Power Station

Despite frequent and vocal noises made by the UK Government that the country is committed to a greener future in which nuclear, solar, wind, tidal and geothermal technologies will be utilised in order to reduce and eventually eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels – notably oil and coal – it is clear that not everybody […]

The Necessity of a Greener Future

According to the non-governmental organisation, Global Witness, renowned for uncovering the so-called ‘blood diamond’ trade in Africa, the world’s fascination with and reliance upon oil is set for disaster. After two years of investigation, Global Witness has released its ‘Heads in the Sands‘ report, detailing the coming struggles facing humanity in the context of oil […]

Domestic Electricity Bills Set to Go Nuclear

Rising fuel costs

It is no secret that domestic energy prices are likely to rise over the coming years, as a combination of general supply and demand issues affecting fuel and the post-recession drive for investment in green energy technologies conspire against consumers. Unfortunately, as mentioned in previous posts, many of the wholesale fuel costs – and none […]

Central Heating Insurance or Savings Account?

Central Heating Insurance

Although today’s central heating boilers conform to strict regulations, undergo annual safety inspections and are generally built to last, it is common for parts to break down or become faulty. Moreover, central heating systems generally are prone to the odd leak or blockage but when central heating systems experience problems the effects can be disastrous, […]

UK Domestic Energy Bills to Rise Despite Increased Profits for the Leading Energy Companies

Gas & Electricity Prices Set to Rise

It was reported recently Ofgem, which is responsible for the regulation of electricity and gas markets across Great Britain, feared UK domestic energy bills would rise despite increased profits for the leading energy companies. Although Ofgem clarified that it was powerless to interfere with the prices set by energy companies such as E.ON and British […]

Tories Plan to Introduce ‘Green Deal’ to Support Energy Efficiency for the Home

Conservatories plan to introduce a

No, don’t worry, there are precious few coal mines left to close. In fact, the current Conservative party, headed by the bicycle loving David Cameron, this week outlined its energy and climate change policies. Under the so-called ‘green deal’, every UK homeowner would benefit from an allowance of up to £6,500 to make their homes […]

The Gas Safe Register: Avoiding Illegal Engineers

Gas Safe Register

The vast majority of gas installations in Britain are perfectly safe and legal. However, the Gas Safe Register, which is a safety body that took over from Corgi in April this year, has called for the public to raise its awareness of illegal gas fitters. In plain terms, Gas Safe certification is the basic legal […]

Emergency Gas Boiler Breakdown Repairs – British Gas One-Off Heating Repairs

British Gas One-Off Boiler Repairs

If you’ve ever needed a plumber in a hurry then you’ll know how difficult it can be, especially as the nights start drawing in and temperatures drop heating engineers are in demand and as such are not only difficult to get hold of but a nightmare to respond to emergency boiler breakdowns. British Gas have […]

October 1st – Turn Your Central Heating ON


Did you know that the 1st October was official ‘Central Heating Day’? According to a recent article published by the BBC news service, the 1st October is the day most people turn their central heating back on and as the weather turns colder the thermostats chug back into action. Rising costs of home heating mean […]