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Archive for November, 2009

The Power of Osmosis: Viable Green Energy?

Osmosis power generation plant

Osmosis power generation plantDomestic energy consumers are aware fuel bills are set to soar in future. Unfortunately, fuel poverty is already a term used to describe countless homes throughout the UK, which is bracing itself for one of the leanest winters in living memory as the effects of the recession and higher fuel costs combine […]

Green Homes: A Future Without Central Heating?

Tyrone Timber Framed House

According to the organisation behind a £5 million social housing project that is due for construction in East Belfast, Northern Ireland, the prospective new homes will be so energy efficient that central heating will become completely redundant. Indeed, Habitat for Humanity Northern Ireland is keen to stress the environmentally friendly aspects of its project, which […]

Millions of People Missing Out On Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation

Research undertaken by the New Policy Institute (NPI), an independent think-tank, has uncovered an alarming truth relating to trends in domestic energy bill savings in the UK. According to the ‘Missing Millions’ research, up to 3.6 million domestic energy consumers are missing out on potential savings because they are neglecting to claim for insulation grants. […]

A Fresh Start for an Old Friend: Eco-Friendly Coal


Those of a certain age will remember the many problems caused when the coal industry was effectively brought to an end in Britain, although today’s reduced domestic output offers a number of advantages insofar as the environment is concerned. However, domestic and imported coal continues to fuel much of the UK’s electricity demands and the […]

British Gas Launches EnergySmart – The end to estimated bills?

EnergySmart electricity monitor

British Gas is introducing an innovative new service, called British Gas EnergySmart, to enable customers to monitor the energy they use, and reduce bills. Householders using the scheme will save an estimated £110 per year on utility costs, and will also qualify for a £40 introductory rebate. Instead of receiving estimated bills once a quarter, […]

Environmentally Friendly Makeovers to Cost £15,000

Cavity wall insulation

Adair Turner, Chairman of the UK Government’s Climate Change Commission, announced on Wednesday the recent fall in carbon emissions must not be seen as a sign that everything is on course, as the economic recession is thought to be chiefly responsible. Moreover, Adair Turner suggested in order to meet the UK Government’s plans to reduce […]

Political Support for Boiler Scrappage Scheme & Reheat Britain Campaign

Reheat Britain

The Reheat Britain Campaign is an initiative devised by Mick Williams of Williams and Co., a plumbers’ merchant in the South of England, aiming to scrap old and inefficient boilers in Britain. Inspired by the UK Government’s car ‘scrappage’ scheme, Reheat Britain hopes to turn British domestic central heating into an altogether more efficient and […]

Saharan Solar Power to Europe

Saharan solar power

Every so often, a thick and expansive cloud of sand whips up in the Sahara and travels in a north easterly direction towards Europe and the Atlantic Ocean. Rarely, people in the UK will notice the occasional deposit of African sand on their cars, driveways and lawns. Whilst the thought of something so far away […]