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Archive for December, 2009

Climate Deal to Increase Domestic Energy Prices?

Cop 15

As the finer points of the Copenhagen climate talks are analysed in detail, it has become clear that at least two of the decisions made at the summit are unlikely to benefit either the planet or its peoples. Unfortunately, the EU’s green political posturing of late has amounted to very little in the way of […]

British Gas Announce Pay As You Save Scheme

UK Snow

As if to prove a point in the wake of the Copenhagen climate talks, mother nature has demonstrated the effects of severe weather changes notably to Britain, Europe and eastern US. Although referred to by some weather experts as a ‘cold snap’, the ice, sleet and snow that has gripped many parts of the world […]

Is Darling’s Boiler Scrappage Scheme Enough?

£400 of a new boiler with Darling

The Chancellor’s pre-budget report for 2010 has an obvious hint of pre-election bias about it, at least so far as it could have taken a tougher stance on the national debt. However, as previously discussed in this blog, the pre-budget report represents good news for domestic energy consumers in so much as the Boiler Scrappage […]

Boiler Scrappage Scheme Plans Announced

Boiler scrappage scheme announced

The UK government confirmed plans for its long awaited boiler scrappage scheme in its pre-budget report yesterday. The scheme is the culmination of a 10 Downing Street petition started by Mick Willaims of Williams & Co., a plumbers’ merchant in the south of England and led by Sian Berry’s Reheat Britain campaign . The scheme […]

UK Government Outlines Smart Meter Implementation

The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has recently outlined plans to install smart meters in all UK homes by 2020, which will require that some 48 million meters are fitted in approximately 26 million properties over the next ten years. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the scheme is set to […]

Ofgem Warning to Gas Suppliers: Reduce Consumer Bills

Gas & Electricity Prices

The rising cost of domestic energy bills has long been a cause of concern amongst UK consumers, watchdogs and charitable organisations. Indeed, millions of homes throughout the UK are now thought to be suffering from some form of fuel poverty, which refers to those who spend more than 10% of their household income on heating […]

South Lanarkshire Council Consents to E.ON Wind Farm

Wind turbines approved for Dungavel

One of the UK’s leading energy companies, E.ON, announced on Tuesday that planning consent had been granted by the South Lanarkshire Council for the development of its proposed Dungavel wind farm. Situated on Dungavel Hill, which lies to the south of Strathaven, the wind farm’s approval is likely to stimulate employment in the region whilst […]

Cheaper Solar Power for Domestic Central Heating

Solar Roof Panels

Most people are now familiar with terms such as global warming, the greenhouse effect and carbon footprints, which is why many people have chosen to live their lives in an altogether greener and more environmentally friendly manner. Indeed, if the planet were to suffer the sort of climate change predicted by scientists, human beings would […]