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Archive for January, 2010

Does the Boiler Scrappage Scheme Fail the Poor?

The UK Government’s Boiler Scrappage scheme was released under the guise of helping to improve energy efficiency in the home. Although there is no evidence to suggest the scheme is unable to achieve this aim, there are growing concerns that, aside from assisting the environment and lowering energy bills (at least to a certain extent), […]

Royal Academy of Engineering Denounces ‘Eco-Bling’

Solar Roof Panels

In a report published on Wednesday, experts at the Royal Academy of Engineering ridiculed a trend that many homeowners had thought would help save the planet (or at least its human inhabitants). According to the report, the installation of so-called ‘eco-bling’ devices such as solar panels and wind turbines does not sufficiently contribute towards reducing […]

Protecting Central Heating Systems

Central Heating Insurance

The cold start to 2010 in Britain and much of Europe has shown how challenging a change in weather can prove to be in terms of cost to the economy. The freezing conditions that were coupled with heavy outbreaks of snow caused havoc throughout the UK, with school closures, transport chaos and health and safety […]

Surging Fuel Bills Prompt Conservation Reminders

Gas & Electricity Prices

It is common knowledge domestic fuel bills have risen substantially over recent years and the trend is set to continue as new energy initiatives are set to be subsidised by consumers. It is also well-known wholesale fuel costs have dropped during this period, which means savings have not been passed on to consumers. The UK […]

Top Tips for Making a Green Start to 2010 with Boiler Scrappage & Home Insulation

Green energy grant

Climate change is a real and present danger, with current predictions estimating potentially irreversible climate change may occur within a matter of decades. As such, green or eco-friendly measures are constantly being developed, assessed and implemented to create a world in which man no longer acts as the catalyst of his own demise. In terms […]

The Crown Estates Announces Successful Windfarm Bidders

Wind turbine at sea

According to a recent report in the Guardian online news service, The Crown Estate has announced the names of nine winning organisations that had been bidding for windfarms that are set to produce some 25GW of electricity for domestic use. The bids were tendered as part of the UK Government’s new £75 billion programme to […]

Conservatives and National Grid Warn of Gas Shortages

UK Snow

It appears the unusually cold weather now affecting Britain is to linger for sometime to come as the primary cause of the snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures can be traced to strong negative atmospheric pressure in the Arctic. As recorded by the Arctic Oscillation Index, this negative atmospheric pressure can heavily influence weather systems across […]

Northern Gas Heating Advises Consumers to Turn Down Thermostats


Following one of the iciest and snowiest Christmases in living memory, it is easy to mock an energy firm that advised everybody to turn down their central heating thermostats before the cold weather took hold over the country. However, Northern Gas Heating’s pre-Christmas message to turn thermostats down by one degree Celsius is not to […]

Do You Know How to Bleed a Radiator?


According to new research undertaken by Screwfix, it seems the problem with around half of young men in the UK is they simply do not know how to bleed a radiator. As reported by Northern Gas Heating, the study into how men of different ages cope with a poorly performing central heating system shows that […]