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Archive for April, 2010

Liberal Democrats Target a Zero-Carbon Britain by 2050

Nick Clegg

As the UK edges closer to the General Election, the three main political parties – Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – are doing their utmost to persuade voters that they have what it takes to drive the nation forward. Numerous issues have been discussed thus far, with the economy receiving the most attention, which is […]

Could Human Waste Replace Traditional Central Heating Fuel?

According to UK Government targets, the nation must ensure that 15 per cent of the energy it produces is derived from renewable sources by 2020; however, altering the way in which energy is produced for millions of people can take far longer than 10 years. Furthermore, the UK’s six largest energy companies cannot be relied […]

Conservatives Outline Controversial Plans for Renewable Energy Market Reform


More than ever, it seems, the world is changing. Consumer greed is slowly being phased out in favour of a more thrifty outlook on spending; fossil fuel supplies are on the decline as numerous experts suggest peak oil is just around the corner; there is an ever-expanding hole in the Earth’s ozone layer; and, ultimately, […]

Scottish Power Takes the Lead in Reducing Domestic Gas Prices


In recent weeks, British Gas, E.ON, Npower and Scottish & Southern Energy announced price cuts for domestic gas consumers. Ordinarily, price cuts would be welcomed by customers; however, discontent has been fomented by various consumer watchdogs who claim that the leading energy companies have failed to pass wholesale fuel savings on to customers in good […]

E.ON Eyes Future Green Markets Despite Political Issues

The forthcoming UK General Election will almost certainly result in either a Conservative or Labour government or, as many experts are predicting, a hung parliament, which could give rise to a coalition power. Whatever the outcome of this year’s election, the future government will need to take very seriously the issue of energy market reform. […]

E.ON’s Central Heating Care to Include Roadside Assistance?

E.ON Central Heating Care

There are plenty of improbable partnerships in existence that somehow work: peanut butter and jam (or jelly, for those across the pond); Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy; and Tom and Jerry to name but a few. Last week, E.ON added another mismatched marriage to the list by announcing that customers of its Central Heating Care […]

SolarSaver Scheme from E.ON Aims to Help Green Customers

Solar Roof Panels

One of Britain’s leading energy companies, E.ON, has this week launched its SolarSaver scheme, which is designed to give “complete peace of mind to customers looking to save on their energy bills and reduce their impact on the environment” according to E.ON’s website. Although the use of renewable energy devices such as wind turbines and […]

Energy and Climate Change Committee Predicts Fuel Poverty Failure

The Energy and Climate Change Committee last week warned that the UK Government is failing to meet its own targets on reducing fuel poverty. The government had aimed to substantially reduce fuel poverty by 2010 and eliminate it entirely by 2016; however, with the average central heating bill hitting a record high last winter, the […]