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Archive for August, 2010

Renewable Heat Incentive at risk of being shelved

Originally scheduled for launch in the spring of 2011, the Renewable Heat Incentive may not see the light of day after the coalition Government announced that it might yet scrap the scheme. In its current form, the Renewable Heat Incentive would provide around £825 per year to households that generate their own green heat using […]

Euroheat First to Launch TDA Thermodual Domestic Biomass Boiler

Euroheat’s TDA Thermodual biomass boiler is quite unlike other central heating boilers on the UK market; in fact, according to Which?, Euroheat are the first company to bring the TDA Thermodual to the UK . The TDA Thermodual, produced by SHT Austria, is designed to run on both wood pellets and wood logs – a […]

Baxi Calls for Wider Application of the CERT Scheme

Baxi Group, which is one of the leading providers of domestic central heating systems, has urged a wider application of the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT) Scheme to include whole home efficiency solutions that deliver carbon savings whilst helping to alleviate fuel poverty. The CERT Scheme was introduced under the previous Labour Government in April […]

Private Companies Offer Free Rooftop Solar Panel Installations

Many things in life are usually too good to be true and when someone offers something for nothing, there is normally a catch involved. On this basis, companies such as Isis Solar, HomeSun and A Shade Greener may have a hard time convincing the general public that their business models are above board. The firms […]

Superhomes Provide Glimpse into the Future for UK Homeowners

The need to conserve energy whilst reducing carbon emissions has been widely publicised in the UK. Some households have made changes large and small in an effort to tackle global warming, yet the purpose of installing  loft insulation, solar panels and other such green energy measures is not entirely about saving the planet; indeed, the […]

Baxi Streamlines Solo HE as Government Lifts Renewable Energy Ban

Baxi has improved its range of heat only boilers with the introduction of the Baxi Solo HE A, which is unlike other central heating boilers in that it is designed to be fitted flush with standard kitchen wall cupboards. Having reduced the depth of the Solo HE A, Baxi is hoping to appeal to the […]

South Gloucestershire Council Building Wins Environmental Award

It is regrettable that many council buildings across England and Wales are relatively old and energy inefficient; excluding residential properties that have benefited from double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation projects, council buildings are not renowned for their eco-friendliness. A council building in South Gloucestershire, however, may just be the exception that proves the […]

Baxi Claims Back Boilers Back in Business

The heating boiler is an essential fixture in most homes throughout the UK; although, recent new builds have employed designs that are sufficiently energy efficient as to eliminate the need for boilers. Notwithstanding this, it remains standard practice to install boilers in new and existing homes to meet basic heating and hot water requirements. Following […]