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Archive for October, 2010

Research Suggests Householders will Cut Back on Central Heating

As the UK braces itself for the lowest temperatures recorded in October for almost 20 years, householders are apparently planning to cut back on their central heating spending. According to research undertaken by, more than 60 per cent of households in the UK are concerned about the cost of their energy bills as wintry […]

UK’s Domestic Central Heating Industry Expands Despite Recession

The credit crunch and subsequent recession, which is by no means over, have affected most types of business in the UK. The housing market suffered particularly badly, not least because the global financial collapse emanated from sub-prime mortgage lending in the US. Amid the economic turmoil, however, the UK’s domestic heating industry has shown encouraging […]

Government Urged to Impose Carbon Capture and Storage Levy

Businesses, policymakers and environmental experts are lobbying the coalition Government to impose a levy on domestic energy bills in order to fund a £4bn investment in carbon capture and storage (CCS) plants. According to some experts, carbon capture and storage technology is the key to a greener future; furthermore, without carbon capture and storage developments, […]

PM David Cameron Reneges on Solar Panel Promise

Prior to the UK General Election in May, Tory hopeful David Cameron promised to make his government the “greenest ever”; after finding his feet in office, however, the Prime Minister sought to target public spending rather than invest heavily in the environmental sector. This week, reports have emerged that Mr Cameron has broken a pre-election […]

Didcot Facility Aims to Prove Viability of ‘Gas-to-Grid’ Unit

A joint venture by British Gas, which is owned by Centrica, Thames Water and Scotia Gas Network to supply approximately 200 homes in Oxfordshire with renewable gas produced from human waste has opened this month amid concerns over its economic viability. The Didcot gas-to-grid unit is a pilot project to demonstrate the technology behind converting […]

Ofgem Warns Domestic Gas Bills Set to Rise

Industry regulator, Ofgem, has warned that the rising cost of wholesale energy is likely to drive the average domestic gas bill to more than £700 per year. If the increasing cost of wholesale energy is passed on to consumers as predicted, the estimated rise will constitute a 13 per cent increase in household gas prices, […]

British Gas offers next-day emergency boiler installation

British Gas has wheeled out its latest offer today – the Next Day Emergency Boiler Installation commitment. British Gas, which already offers packages on new boilers and central heating installations, boiler services and repairs and a HomeCare service for the maintenance of your boiler, has now thrown in this new service to its raft of […]

Martin Lewis promotes solar PV but warns-off free “debt-based” panel offers

The man behind the Money Saving Expert website, Martin Lewis, has featured on this afternoon’s Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio2 as part of a discussion about the benefits of domestic solar PV (Photovoltaic) panel installations and the payments received through the Feed-in Tariff (FIT). Lewis, who has backed solar power technology on his own […]

Martin Lewis to back solar PV on BBC Radio2 today

Martin Lewis, the personal finance journalist and brains behind the Money Saving Expert website, is due to promote the benefits of solar PV electricity this afternoon when he features on the Jeremy Vine BBC Radio2 show. Lewis will be appearing on Vine’s afternoon show today at around 13:00GMT to talk about the benefits of switching […]