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Archive for December, 2010

Gas Consumption in Britain Reaches Record High

On Monday, 465.8 million cubic metres of gas were used in Britain, setting a new all-time record. The sudden rise in gas consumption can be attributed to the freezing weather conditions that have gripped much of Britain. As snow, ice and well-below-zero temperatures continue to freeze the nation, many people have stayed at home, either […]

Heateam Triumphs at National Customer Service Awards 2010

Heateam, the service division of BDR Thermea, which was created when Baxi and De Dietrich-Remeha merged in 2009, has scooped a top accolade at the National Customer Service Awards (NCSA) 2010. Heading off stiff competition from Thames Water, Rentokil and Royal Mail, Heateam won the coveted Field Service award after impressing the NCSA judges. Following […]

Survey reveals that seven in 10 consumers are worried about energy bills

Research by has found seven in 10 consumers to be worried about their energy bills this quarter. The new survey has found that 40 per cent of households are concerned about the cost of heating their home and 28 per cent are struggling with their bills. The same poll carried out last year revealed […]

Government report proposes 60% carbon reduction by 2030

The Fourth Carbon Budget Report  is calling for the Government to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 per cent by 2030. The budget report has been drafted by the Committee on Climate Change and it outlines ways for the Government to meet the reduction targets. Ideas on how to do this include, ensuring all homes […]

Oil Customers in Turmoil as Government Suspends Warm Front Payments

Just days after it was revealed that the cost of central heating oil in Britain had risen sharply over recent months, the Government has announced that it has had to suspend Warm Front payments after running out of money. Under the Warm Front scheme, a proportion of households that rely on income-related benefits or disability […]

Britons Experience Substantial Rise in Cost of Central Heating Oil

Fuel poverty is a term that is becoming more widely used as Britain endures unseasonably wintry weather amid rising fuel costs. The majority of households in Britain – some 24 million homes – are connected to the mains gas supply, which is why so many people are affected when the leading energy suppliers announce price […]

Energy bills could surge by 10% next year

Big increases in energy tariffs next year could see prices soar by 10 per cent – resulting in costs of more than £120. The current weather conditions have caused a record leap in the demand for gas and electricity in recent weeks. The surge means that many energy providers have been forced to buy expensive […]

British Gas receives record number of calls as a result of arctic temperatures

Over an approximate three day period last week British Gas reportedly took 160,000 calls about faulty heating systems. The surge saw an increase of 37 per cent in comparison to the previous week. The freezing temperatures currently gripping Britain have resulted in the record number of calls as increasing pressure is being placed on boilers […]

Damage to water pipes this winter could top £7 million every day warns the ABI

Burst pipe and leaking water damage is costing freezing Britain. The warning comes from the Association of British Insurers (ABI). According to the ABI the damage caused by frozen and burst pipes and leaking water could top £650 million – that is over £7 million every single day. Last winter, the coldest for 30 years, […]

Government’s Green Deal Aims to Improve Insulation in Housing

Earlier this week, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne outlined plans to improve the state of insulation in the UK’s housing stock, which is renowned for being one of the draughtiest in Europe. Under the provisions of the so-called ‘green deal’, from 2013 onwards property dwellers in the UK will be able to apply for a loan […]