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City Council invests an extra £57.8 million in central heating

By Laura Elahi on March 7, 2011

Birmingham City Council has revealed that it will be investing a further £57.8 million to help keep residents warm.

The large investment will be used later this year to aid central heating in council properties in the city. It is hoped that additional heating installations will contribute to a better quality of life for residents.

Since 2004, 22,000 properties have benefited from improved heating and insulation measures arranged by the council. This includes 28,800 new windows with investment in modern facilities totaling £700 million.

Council properties in Birmingham appear to be relatively well kept with 99 per cent meeting the decent homes standard. This majority made Birmingham City one of the only councils to achieve a decent homes standard of above 95 per cent, the Government’s target.

As part of the new cash injection, tenants will this year be supported by prioritisation of central heating and double-glazed windows in homes. The scheme is being run through the local Housing Liaison Boards (HLBs).

Improved domestic heating, double glazing, cavity wall and loft insulation, greatly improves the thermal efficiency of properties.