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Insulating Pipes and Tanks – Simple DIY Job to save money

By David Holmes on April 16, 2008

Hot Water Tank Insulation

Having an uninsulated hot water tank is not that common nowadays but should you own an older property there is a chance that it’s not been done.

Hot water jackets can picked up from most DIY stores at very reasonable prices, Wickes sell one for just £12 which can easily be installed easily & pay for itself within a year.

Pipe Insulation

As above pipes can be insulated in a low cost manor & depending upon your willingness to crawl around in the loft & tight spaces can be installed at a relatively low cost, pipe packs cost a couple of pounds for 5, again from Wickes.

By insulating both your tank & pipes you could save £30 per year with a payback of less than 12 months!