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Solar Roof Tiles

By David Holmes on July 9, 2009

Solar roof tile installationThe quest to harvest renewable energy sources for domestic use is a challenge that many want to take on-board. However, it is entirely unrealistic to expect home-owners up and down the country to suddenly splash out on expensive solar panels.

Moreover, such investments are especially impractical in the current economic downturn. Nevertheless, the drive to harness green energy is essential for the preservation of our planet, and new build properties (and existing houses that are undergoing re-roofing) can avail of an innovative new technique.

Whilst solar panel installations are becoming more commonplace, they remain relatively expensive and cannot always be installed on to existing rooftops without there being a need for significant re-building work. Solar panels can also appear somewhat unsightly in a number of instances because the limited variety of panel designs reduces the scope for seamless integration. However, with the introduction of Solar Roof Tiles, the fundamental problems associated with traditional solar panel installations becomes a thing of the past.

Solar roof tiles, as the name suggests, can be fitted on to rooftops in place of existing roof tiles. Most houses in the country comprise tiled roofing and it is possible for these to be replaced with solar roof tiles. For new builds in particular, there is a great opportunity to combine an essential building requirement with an established method of sourcing renewable energy. Each solar roof tile, which does not look radically different from any standard roof tile, consists of photovoltaic solar cells that capture sunlight for conversion into solar electricity. This electricity can be used throughout the home and, in the event of surplus production, the extra electricity can even be sold back to the National Grid for a profit.