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Ravenheat RSF 25/25E LPG LPG - Boiler Efficiency Ratings

Boiler Efficiency Rating

You can check your boilers rating by selecting it's make and model below. Ratings are based on the SEDBUK Rating which is an indicator of its efficiency when used within an average domestic household, it's a great benchmark for comparing new boilers and also assessing whether your current boiler would be better off being replaced due to low efficiencies.

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Ravenheat RSF 25/25E LPG Efficiency

SAP seasonal efficiency78.3%
Rating bandBand D


ManufacturerRavenheat Boilers
ModelRSF 25/25E LPG
Fuel TypeLPG
Flue TypeRoom-Sealed
FanFan Assisted
Output (kW)29 - 29
Boiler IDGC No. 47 581 17
Manufactured From/To1996 - 2001


The Ravenheat RSF 25/25E LPG is a 'D' rated boiler with an efficiency of 78.3%.

The RSF 25/25E LPG is a Non-Condensing Combi boiler with a maximum power output of 29kw that uses LPG as its fuel source.

Being a 'D' rated boiler it would be worthwhile replacing it with a higher efficiency 'A' rated boiler.

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