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Home heating tips for the winter

thermostat dialThe importance of central heating is always more evident in the winter when outside temperatures are at their lowest. The following tips and advice will not only help your home retain its heat, it could also save you money. Firstly, make sure your boiler is serviced regularly. This will reduce the risk of repairs keeping down servicing costs. If you’re considering a replacement boiler than installing a high efficiency model is highly recommended.

Keeping the home warm during the day

  • Keep the main living room around 18-21°C and the rest of the house at least 16°C.
  • Set the timer so your heating comes on before you get up and turns off when you go to bed.
  • Rather than turn the thermostat up, set the heating to come on earlier so you won’t be cold while you wait for your home to heat up.

Keeping the home warm overnight

  • Try to keep the temperature above 18°C in your bedroom overnight.
  • Remember to open the window or door a little at night for ventilation if you use a fire or heater in your bedroom.

The advantages of insulation

Not only will insulation make your home warmer it will also help to keep your heating costs down.
  • Fit draught-proofing to stop heat escaping around windows and doors.
  • Make sure your loft has at least 10–11 inches of insulation, any home with four inches or less should have it topped up.
  • Make sure wall cavities are insulated.
  • Insulate your hot water cylinder and pipes.

Financial help for heating your home

In some cases you may be able to claim financial help with heating your home. Look out for these benefits: For energy saving tips, click here.