Boxt – Get a fixed price Worcester Bosch boiler today

Save £1,000+ on a New Boiler with BOXT

BOXT Boiler OffersBroken boiler today. New one on the wall tomorrow. Buy a new boiler online by 3pm and get it installed the next day. No callbacks, no ‘quotes’ – just a fixed price that saves you £1,000+.

BOXT is a UK based boiler replacement company; there’s nothing new in that, but what is new is how they go about getting your new boiler to you. Times have changed. We want the stuff we buy to be delivered straight away.

We want the best brands, the lowest prices…oh and we want several payment options too. Amazon figured this out a while ago but the boiler industry has taken its time to get with the program. Enter “a better way to buy a boiler – online, with half the fuss.”

Broken boiler today. New one tomorrow.

Save £1,000+ on a new boiler with BOXT

Who are BOXT?

They the UK’s first truly online boiler supply and fit company. It’s the brainchild of founders Alan and Mel, both former directors of well known boiler company, Help-Link. After leaving Help-Link in 2015 they embarked on a better way for people to get a new boiler alongside Keith Jones, the former MD of Wolseley’s Plumb Center. £3 million later and BOXT was born In February 2017 and it looks like customers are loving what they have to offer.

How BOXT Works

How to get a boiler from BOXT

If you choose to get a new boiler with BOXT, you will find the process very easy to follow. Answer some basic questions on your home, e.g. how many bedrooms, bathrooms, where your current boiler is installed, choose your replacement and check out. Your new boiler will then be shipped to your home ready for next day installation by one of their Gas Safe boiler engineers. Naysayers (in particular, old school heating engineers) will tell you that you need to survey a property before advising on the correct boiler. However, the their process covers all the questions any salesman will ask so there’s little chance of getting things wrong. Should you want any help, you can always call them.

Fixed Price Boilers with No Surprises.

All the signs point to BOXT being a thoroughly good choice for your next boiler. If you were to make a wish list of things you’d want for your next boiler, BOXT are pretty close to the mark:

Choose BOXT and you’ll get

  • Top Boiler Brands: Worcester Bosch, Baxi & Vokera
  • Next Day Installation (if you order by 3pm)
  • Fixed, Low Prices
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Free Chemical Flush
  • Free Magnetic Filter Worth £130
  • Up to 10 Year Guarantee
  • Free Honeywell Wireless Smart Thermostat(RRP £199.99)

It’s almost too good to be true as their prices are extremely competitive when compared with national installers. Most of these selling points are available from other companies but what is extraordinary, especially from an online process, is that they offer a fixed price. This means that the price will stay the same no matter what unforeseen problems might occur during installation – you won’t get that from your local plumber.

Broken boiler today. New one tomorrow.

Save £1,000+ on a new boiler with BOXT

BOXT Payments

Once you’ve completed the form on the website, selected your boiler package and booked your installation date, you have a number of ways to pay. BOXT uses Divido to power online payments so you can feel safe in the knowledge that their platform is secure. If you want to pay for the boiler in full BOXT will accept any of these cards: Visa debit or credit, Mastercard or American Express.

BOXT Pay Monthly

Although BOXT prices are great value the average home is still going to be on the receiving end of a bill for around £2,000, so paying monthly is the preferred option for many of us. As with the rest of the website the pay monthly option can be completed online. Simply select finance at the checkout; you’ll spend a few minutes getting credit approval via Divido’s website before completing your boiler purchase. You can choose how much you want to leave as a deposit (between no deposit and up to 50%). The more you leave the less you’ll have to pay each month. There are 2 options for the length or the credit you want: 5 or 10 years. Regardless of how you choose your finance package the interest rate is fixed at 9.9%. APR.

Delivery & Installation

When you purchase a boiler with BOXT, two things will happen. Firstly, your boiler will be dispatched via courier to be delivered on the morning of your selected installation date. While that’s going on one of the BOXT engineers has been booked to arrive on the same day to install the boiler. By separating the two processes there’s less chance of any delays in getting parts or your boiler engineer being a no show. BOXT will take away your old boiler (unless you want to keep it) and recycle as much of it as possible. The exception here would be if you have a back boiler as this would just be capped off and left where it is.

BOXT Boiler Prices

At Home Heating Guide we’ve been writing about all things heating related for over 10 years, so we know our onions when it comes to boilers. We’ve illustrated below what a new combi-boiler replacement for a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with one bathroom will cost you with BOXT. BOXT presents 15 boiler packages, which is quite a lot if you know nothing about boilers. They do highlight any boilers that have won Which? Best Buy awards which is a helpful when making a choice. Our choice would be the Worcester 32CDi compact. This is one of Worcester Bosch’s best performing boilers and hard to beat when you need a powerful boiler which can fit in a kitchen cupboard.

Worcester Bosch 29cdi compact Gas Boiler At £2,300 we think this is good value given all the extras they are providing and as we’ve previously stated this price is fixed, so no surprises. You may find a heating engineer who can beat BOXT prices, but if convenience and trustworthiness are also important to you then BOXT is certainly recommended. Before you make your choice, be sure to compare the dimensions of your new boiler (in this case Height 76cm Width 44 cm x Depth 36cm) with your current one. If there’s a big difference or your current boiler is a snug fit in its current place give BOXT a call for advice rather than have issues when they arrive.

BOXT Reviews – Are They Really 10/10?

Boxt reviews

The sceptical among you might scoff at a perfect score on Trustpilot as smelling of fake reviews left by staff members and hired hands. But you’d be wrong, the thing to look for with Trustpilot is that reviews have come from verified orders – this means the reviews have been requested by the company with a special link once the customer has actually used a service. To have 10/10 and over 750 5-star reviews in just over 1 year speaks volumes as to the service they provide. There are 18,856 UK companies with Trustpilot reviews. BOXT are one of only 3 companies who have a perfect score of 10/10. Even the most sceptical can’t deny they must be doing something worthy of such praise.

What BOXT Can’t Do?

There’s very little they don’t cover when buying a new boiler. Low prices and convenience do have to be paid for somewhere, so here’s a short list of what Boxt can’t do.

  • They can’t help you if you live in a second floor flat or higher
  • They can’t help with Oil or Electric boilers
  • If you have and LPG boiler You’ll have to call them first

Would We Recommend BOXT?

Unless you’ve got a good relationship with your local heating engineer then BOXT offers everything you would want from a boiler installation company. Their prices are low, you get reliable boiler brands, extended warranties and the latest Honeywell smart thermostat thrown in for good measure. If your boiler packs up during the winter, getting it replaced can be a tiresome affair as boiler engineers are usually booked up. With a promise of next day installation and multiple ways to pay, we’d be hard pushed not to recommend BOXT.

Broken boiler today. New one tomorrow.

Save £1,000+ on a new boiler with BOXT