Baxi Back Boilers

Replace your old back boiler with a new energy efficient back boiler

Baxi Back Boilers

The original Baxi Bermuda back boiler was so popular in the 1960's that it accounted for over 80% of the back boiler market.

Now you can benefit from all the great space saving features of the original boiler in a new high efficiency 'A' rated direct replacement from Baxi, installed by British Gas.

High efficiency - Low bills

The new high efficiency Baxi Bermuda HE uses the latest condensing boiler technology to reduce energy usage to a minimum, saving you up to £305 per year*.

The unit is a direct replacement for the old Baxi Bermuda avoiding the expense of boiler relocation and added upheaval of re-decoration and re-routing of pipework.

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Valor Dimension™ Fires Available for the Baxi Bermuda HE

Specifically designed to work with the Baxi Bermuda the Valor Dimesion™ range of fires come in a wide variety of designs from traditional to contemporary to suit your home. Using the latest technology the 'real flame effect' fire is the most authentic available, and best of all it requires no servicing. Fires are availble in heat outputs of 1-2kw.

How Much Can I Save With a New Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler?

Save Money With Energy Efficient Boilers

By installing a new energy efficient back boiler your heating bills will be reduced by up to £305 per year*, how much exactly depends on how inefficient your current boiler and controls are.

If your current boiler has a 70% efficiency, 30p of every pound you spend on gas is wasted. New condensing boilers are around 90% efficient so that figure reduces to just 10p. You can find your current boilers efficiency using the SEDBUK boiler efficiency table.

You will of course need to take into account the total cost of the new system and how much 'risk' your old system poses, remember, boiler breakdowns typically cost around £185 a time.

* Based on comparing the savings for upgrading a G-rated to an A-rated condensing boiler with a full set of heating controls. Saving figure is illustrative and based on a gas heated semi-detached house. Savings assume a gas price of 4.21p/kWh. Source: (03/14).