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Home Energy Efficiency Programmes (HEEPS) Scotland

Home Energy Efficiency Programmes (HEEPS) is made up of multiple schemes that aim to help those suffering fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency in Scotland. It will do this by using a £103 million investment to provide interest free loans, grants and additional support to homeowners who need it. The program can be broken down into four areas:

The scheme & information in this article was last checked on 13th March 2018

Home Energy Scotland loan

Area Based Schemes

HEEPS Cashback (this is now closed)

Energy Assistance Scheme (this is now closed)

If you live in Scotland you may also be able to benefit from the Government’s Energy Company Obligation, which offers free grants towards a replacement boiler. You can find out more, including information on how to apply, here.

Home Energy Scotland Loan

What is the Home Energy Scotland Loan scheme?

The Scottish government is offering funding and cashback grants (available to owner occupiers and eligible registered private sector landlords) to install a range of measures including a new boiler, solid wall insulation and double glazing. The repayment period of these loans varies depending on the amount borrowed.

Am I eligible?

The loan is available to owner occupiers and registered private sector landlords in Scotland.

How do I apply?

For more details and to request an application form please speak to Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282

What measures can I use the loan on?

The HEEPS Loan can be used on a wide range of measures including new boilers and various types of insulation. A full list and the maximum loan you could get for each can be found on the Energy saving Trust website here.

What happens if I’m successful?

Once your application has been assessed (which includes a credit and affordability check) and you prove successful you will be offered the loan. You must not start work until you have received this loan offer in writing. There will be an administrative fee of up to £150 which will be included in your monthly loan repayments.

Area Based Schemes

The Scottish government have made available £65 million of grant funding for local authorities to use from 2015. The schemes are aimed at reducing fuel poverty and if you are eligible you could receive support to help make your home warmer and cheaper to heat.

Energy Saving Trust recommends contacting them on 0808 808 2282 to find out if your area has any schemes on offer and if your property qualifies.

HEEPS Cashback

?Please note that this part of the scheme is now closed.

You can visit the Energy Saving Trust for more information on this closure.

What is the HEEPS Cashback scheme?

The Scottish government is offering a rebate towards the installation of eligible energy efficiency measures for properties that are in council tax bands A to C. Applicants can claim up to £5,800 on a range of measures including new boilers, insulation and draught proofing. The scheme is available on a first come, first served basis so make sure to apply as soon as possible.

A detailed breakdown of the measures and available maximum cashback amounts can be found on the Energy Saving Trust website here.

Am I eligible?

The scheme is available to owner occupiers, private and social tenants and registered private sector landlords. The property must be in the A, B or C council tax bands. The Energy Saving Trust has also stated that ‘Additional premiums are also available to households which are classified as living in a remote rural area of Scotland’.

You can find a full list of eligibility requirements on the Energy Saving Trust website.

How do I apply?

The measures that you wish to install must first be recommended in a pre-install Green Deal Advice Report. You can however receive up to £100 towards the cost of this report (to be claimed as a rebate).

You must contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 to be referred for the HEEPS cashback scheme and receive a referral number which can be used in the application. You can then use this to apply online on the Energy Saving Trust website.

What happens if I’m successful?

Once you have successfully completed the application process you will receive a voucher by email or post. You must then return it with the required documentation (listed on the voucher). You can only do this once the installation work in your home has been completed.

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