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Guide to Window Styles & Prices 2021

By installing double glazing in your home you can significantly reduce the amount of heat you lose. This not only means a more comfortable home but also reduced energy bills. It’s the ideal solution for most UK homeowners, but how much does it cost and which windows are right for your home?

How Much Does Double Glazing Cost in 2021?

Double glazing is likely to cost between £150 – £1,500 per window. However, this cost doesn’t include installation and will vary depending on the type and size of window you choose. For example, the cost of installing an upstairs window will be greater than that of installing a downstairs window because of the scaffolding involved. The price of your new windows will also be impacted by the frame material and the quality of the glass used.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Installing double glazing in your home delivers several benefits which make the investment well worth it. These benefits include:

  • Warmer home in winter: Up to 70% of a home’s heat can be lost through single glazed windows.
  • Cooler home in summer: Double glazing can also protect your home from extreme sunlight and minimise the heat which enters your home on hot days.
  • Reduced energy usage / bills: By keeping more of your home’s heating inside you won’t need to use your heating as much which should lower your bills and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Less condensation: Double glazing can reduce excess moisture on your windows which can lead to mildew and rot.
  • Reduced noise: Double glazing can reduce outside noise by as much as 60% to give you a quieter home.
  • Improved security: It is more difficult to break double glazed glass which can discourage intruders. Toughened glass will improve this even further.
  • Higher resale value: By installing double glazing you can increase the value of your home for prospective buyers should you choose to move on.
  • Protect interior from fading: Double glazing reduces the effects of UV rays which can fade soft furnishings, interior decoration or furniture.

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Cost by Style of Window

Windows vary in price depending on the style of window, size, the complexity of the installation and the supplier you choose. All the prices listed below are for uPVC windows, excluding installation costs, and are intended as an approximate estimation only.

Casement Window Prices

Casement windows are usually the lowest cost style because of their simplicity and versatility. They are easy to open and close and can be fixed from the top, side or bottom to suit your home. With a casement window you get an unobstructed view of the outdoors and can be either opened fully or angled to ventilate your home.

Generally, you are looking at a cost of £150 – £500 per casement window. They are available in wide range of sizes, frame materials and finishes to ensure you find the right solution for your home.

Size of Window (mm)Price per uPVC Casement Window – Ground floorPrice per uPVC Casement Window – Second floor
600 x 900£500 – £600£550 – £650
900 x 1200£750 – £850£1,550 – £1,650
1200 x 1200£850 – £950£1,750 – £1,850

Sash Window Prices

A sash window opens vertically or horizontally and are a popular choice in Georgian and Victorian homes. A sash window does not open outwards but is made up of sliding panes which move behind one another and, in some modern versions, can tilt slightly. In some conservation areas sash windows are mandatory to maintain the traditional aesthetic of the home.

They tend to cost a little more than other designs costing between £550 – £850 per window on average. Although traditionally made using timber frames, sash windows are also available in both uPVC and composite.

Size of Window (mm)Price per window (not including installation)
500 x 500£550 – £625
1000 x 1000£650 – £725
1200 x 1200£750 – £850

Tilt & Turn Window Prices

Tilt & turn windows are a popular solution for many modern homes where convenience is a priority. Rather than opening outwards, these windows open inwards for better safety, easier maintenance and improved ventilation. They provide an unobstructed view of the outside and can be opened either just a little or fully depending on your preference.

A tilt & turn window sits in the middle of price range and could cost between £450 – £600 excluding installation but this will vary depending on the supplier you choose, the size of the window and the frame material.

Size of Window (mm)Price per window (not including installation)
800 x 800£450 – £500
1000 x 1000£500 – £550
1200 x 1200£550 – £600

Bay Window Prices

A bay window protrudes out from the flat wall of a home to create a bay area within the room. There are several varieties of bay window on the market including box windows, circle bay windows, bow windows and oriel windows. They can add a very attractive visual feature to a home and also allow lots of natural light into the home.

A bay window is one of the more costly styles and often costs between £1,000 – £2,400 per window. The price will depend on the type of bay window you select and the complexity of the installation.

Size of Window (mm)StylePrice per window (not including installation)
2400 x 12003 section£1,000 – £1,200
3000 x 12003 section£1,200 – £1,300
3000 x 15003 section£1,300 – £1,400
3000 x 12004 section£1,500 – £1,600
3600 x 12004 section£1,600 – £1,700
3600 x 15004 section£1,700 – £1,800
3600 x 12005 section£1,900 – £2,200
4000 x 12005 section£2,000 – £2,300
4000 x 15005 section£2,100 – £2,400

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Cost by Frame Material

One of the biggest contributing factors to the cost of your new windows will be the material you choose for the frame. Each type carries its own benefits and considerations which you need to be familiar with before you make your final choice.

uPVC Window Prices

uPVC windows are a popular choice for many homeowners with around 80% of all double glazing installed in the UK using uPVC frames. This could be because they are the lowest cost material but they are also very easy to maintain; they simply need an occasional wipe own to keep them looking great. However, depending on the quality of the uPVC, they generally only last around 20 years before they start to warp. To install a uPVC window in your home you’re looking at a cost of approximately £550 – £1850.

Size of Window (mm)Price per uPVC Casement Window – Ground floorPrice per uPVC Casement Window – Second floor
600 x 900£500 – £600£550 – £650
900 x 1200£750 – £850£1,550 – £1,650
1200 x 1200£850 – £950£1,750 – £1,850

Timber Window Prices

Timber frames sit at the pricier end but tend to last for 40 – 100 years if properly maintained which is much longer than uPVC. Aesthetically, they often offer a much more attractive finish particularly if your home is traditional. You can opt for a hardwood or softwood frame in a range of finishes. They do, however, require more maintenance than uPVC to keep them in good condition. The cost of a timber window could fall between £900 – £1500 including installation.

Size of Window (mm)Price per Timber Casement Window – Ground floorPrice per Timber Casement Window – Second floor
600 x 900£850 – £950£900 – £1,000
900 x 1200£1,200 – £1,300£1,300 – £1,400
1200 x 1200£1,350 – £1,450£1,400 – £1,500

Composite Window Prices

Composite windows are made of two materials, usually aluminium and timber, to deliver the benefits of both materials. Timber is used as the interior of the frame for insulation and a more attractive finish, while the exterior is aluminium of strength, easy maintenance and weather resistance. These windows are available in range of finishes and styles sitting at the higher end of the price range at around £900 – £1,500 per window.

How to Get the Best Price on New Windows

You could save up to 50% off new double glazing windows by comparing quotes from several suppliers. Each supplier will visit your home to measure up and recommend the best solution for your new double glazing, providing you with a free quote. You can then select the quote which is right for your home and budget.

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Remember, you’re under no obligation to accept any quote you receive and should never be pressured into purchasing with ‘today only’ prices.

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