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Worcester Bosch Boilers – Prices & Benefits

Worcester Bosch LogoManufacturing boilers since 1962, Worcester Bosch is a British boiler manufacturer with a reputation for innovation. Originally known simply as Worcester, they were acquired by Bosch in 1992 enabling them to expand their operation on a worldwide scale. The company was the first to market with the revolutionary Combi boiler which is now the most common type of boiler installation in the UK.

In recent years, Worcester Bosch has also expanded into renewable energy solutions such as ground/air source heat pumps and solar thermal technology. The brand has made a significant investment in future technologies such as fuel cell boilers. Today, in addition to leading both the domestic and commercial boiler markets, the company holds the Royal Warrant to supply heating systems to the Royal Family’s properties.

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Worcester Bosch Product Range
  • Greenstar Gas Combination, System and Regular Boilers
  • Greenstar Oil Fired Boilers
  • Greenstore Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Greenskies Solar Hot Water Heating
  • Greenstore Unvented Hot Water Cylinders
  • Boiler Controls
  • Greenstyle Stoves
  • View the complete range of Worcster Bosch boilers

    You can find a more detailed list of products in our guide to Worcester Bosch efficiency ratings.

    Popular Combi Boilers

    A Combi boiler is an all-in-one appliance which will produce hot water for heating and domestic use on demand. You won’t need a feed tank in the attic or a hot water cylinder which is a great advantage for homes where space is limited.

    The Greenstar i Combi boiler has been installed in over 1 million homes in the UK and is Worcester Bosch’s most popular gas model. It’s ideal for the small to medium sized one-bathroom home and is compatible with a range of heating controls including the Wave smart control. It’s available in outputs of 25 and 30kW. For larger homes this manufacturer also offers the Greenstar CDi Classic and the Highflow CDi and for off-grid homes there is the option of LPG or oil fired models.

    ModelGreenstar 25iGreenstar 34CDi ClassicGreenstar Highflow 440CDiGreenstar Heatslave II 12/18
    Fuel TypeNatural Gas or LPGNatural Gas or LPGNatural Gas or LPGOil
    Wall-mounted or Floor-standingWall-mountedWall-mountedFloor-standingWall-mounted
    Output to Central Heating (kW)24302918
    Hot Water Flow Rate9l/min12l/min20l/min15l/min
    Efficiency Rating (Heating)AAAA
    Dimensions (mm)710 x 400 x 330760 x 440 x 360850 x 600 x 600855 x 520 x 600
    Solar CompatibleNoNoNoYes
    Other Outputs Available3029, 38, 42550CDi (30kW)18/25, 25/32

    Popular System Boilers

    A System boiler will produce hot water for your central heating and with a hot water storage cylinder will also produce water for your taps. The Greenstar System range from Worcester Bosch is available as gas, LPG or oil fired (Danesmoor) and is completely compatible with Greenskies solar panels. Worcester Bosch produce a range of Greenstore unvented hot water cylinders to be installed alongside their System boilers.

    ModelGreenstar 21i System Greenstar 35CDi Classic SystemGreenstar Danesmoor System 18/25
    Fuel TypeNatural Gas or LPGNatural Gas or LPGOil
    Wall-mounted or Floor-standingWall-mountedWall-mountedFloor-standing
    Output to Central Heating (kW)213425
    Efficiency Rating (Heating)AAA
    Dimensions (mm)710 x 400 x 330760 x 440 x 360855 x 370 x 600
    Solar CompatibleYesYesYes
    Other Outputs Available9-24kW30kW12/18, 25/32kW

    Popular Regular Boilers

    A Regular (or traditional) boiler requires a feed and expansion tank and a hot water cylinder to complete a heating system in your home. The Greenstar range from Worcester Bosch has been designed to be as compact as possible to suit the modern home. There is a wide range of outputs available to suit homes of every size and you can choose between gas, LPG or oil fired. The Regular boilers from Worcester Bosch are compatible with the manufacturer’s Greenskies solar panels if you’re looking to combine your heating system with a renewable energy solution.

    ModelGreenstar 18RiGreenstar 30CDi Classic RegularGreenstar Danesmoor 18/25
    Fuel TypeNatural Gas or LPGNatural Gas or LPGOil
    Wall-mounted or Floor-standingWall-mountedWall-mountedFloor-standing
    Output to Central Heating (kW)183025
    Efficiency Rating (Heating)AAA
    Dimensions (mm)600 x 390 x 270760 x 440 x 360855 x 370 x 600
    Solar CompatibleYesYesYes
    Other Outputs Available12, 15, 24kW40kW12/18, 25/32kW

    Popular Discontinued Boilers

    Below you can find more information about some of Worcester Bosch’s most popular discontinued models (ideal if you want to compare your current boiler to their new offerings).

    Worcester bosch/British Gas RD529 ZWB 7-29 A GasWorcester Bosch/British Gas CC1 ZWB 7-29A Gas
    Worcester Bosch 70/90-000-NI-L OilWorcester Bosch RX-2 RSF Gas
    Worcester Bosch/British Gas ICC2 ZWBR 11-37A GasWorcester Bosch/British Gas RD529 ZWB 7-29 A Gas
    Worcester Bosch/British Gas ICC2 ZWBR 8-30A GasWorcester Bosch 70/90-000-NI-L Oil
    Worcester Bosch/British Gas CC1 ZWB 7-29A GasWorcester Bosch RX-2 RSF Gas
    Worcester Danesmoor 15/19.OOO OilWorcester Danesmoor 20/25.ROO Oil
    Worcester Greenstar 28i junior GasWorcester 24CDi RSF Serial ASB Gas
    Worcester 24i – L RSF GasWorcester Heat Slave 15/19.RSO Oil
    Worcester Heatslave 20/25-RSO-GB-L Oil Combi OilWorcester 28i Junior Gas
    Worcester Greenstar CDi 30 CDi GasWorcester 28 SI II RSF Gas
    Worcester 240 CF GasWorcester Greenstar 24i junior Gas
    Worcester Danesmoor 26/32.ROO OilWorcester High Flow 400 BF Gas
    Worcester Highflow 400 RSF GasWorcester 28i RSF Gas
    Worcester Greenstar ZWBR 11-35 HE Plus GasWorcester 24 LE RSF Gas
    Worcester 14/19 CBi RSF GasWorcester Heatslave 12/14-OSO-GB-L Oil Combi Oil

    Worcester Bosch Heating Controls

    • Traditional mechanical clock controls (set for 24 hour periods) e.g. MT10RF mechanical timer.
    • Digital Controls: Schedule heating times that fit around your lifestyle with 7 day programming e.g. Greenstar Comfort Control.
    • Intelligent Controls: Learn how long it takes to heat up and cool down your home, while compensating for external temperatures e.g. Greenstar Sense II Weather Compensation Control.
    • Internet Connected: Control your heating via an app. It will learn from your system’s behaviour, compensate for weather, keep track of your energy usage e.g. Wave Smart Control.

    Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices

    As you might expect from the market leading brand, Worcester Bosch boilers aren’t cheap. The average price of a new boiler could cost between £750 – £2,500 depending on the type and size of boiler you choose. This doesn’t include the cost of installation or any other elements you may need such as new a hot water cylinder (for System and Regular boilers) or heating controls.

    However, Worcester do offer lengthy guarantees on their products which should give you peace of mind that you’re getting the quality in return for the investment.

    Installation prices will vary depending on which company you speak to so it’s important to get quotes from at least 2 or 3 companies so you can compare.

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    Worcester Bosch gas boilers are covered by a 5 year guarantee as standard provided the installation meets their standards, with oil boilers covered by a 2 year guarantee. This is one of the longer guarantees on the market. The brand also offer promotional guarantees from time to time and, in some cases, even offer a 10 year guarantee. As far as we know, that’s among the best you’ll find anywhere.

    Why Choose Worcester Boilers?

    Worcester Bosch carry an enviable reputation for manufacturing boilers that are not only reliable and energy efficient but are also easy to install and service. They are not the cheapest boilers on the market but are widely available and reliable. This means that both spare parts and support is widely available and most competent engineers will be familiar with Worcester Bosch as a brand.

    As with any Worcester Bosch product, whether it’s Greenstar boilers, their range of hot water cylinders, Greenskies Solar or Greenstore Heat Pumps you can’t go wrong by choosing Worcester.

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