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Benefits of double glazing

Benefits of Double Glazing

A significant amount of your home’s heat is lost through single pane windows resulting in increased fuel bills, higher CO2 emissions and other unwanted side effects such as condensation and higher noise levels from outside.

Here we take a look at the numerous potential benefits of installing double glazing in your home.

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How does double glazing work?

Glass is a very good conductor of heat. This means heat can very easily pass through a single pane and out of your home and cold air can enter easily. This results in the need to use a greater amount of energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Air, however, is not as effective as a heat conductor. By using two panes of glass with an airspace between them it is more difficult for heat to pass through. Modern double glazing consists of two panels of glass sandwiched between the outer and inner frame, commonly the void between these two glass panels is filled with Argon gas which acts as an insulator of heat and noise and creates an extremely effective barrier.

Visually double glazed windows look the same as a single pane window. Many people install double glazed doors as well as windows to further improve their comfort and energy efficiency.

It’s also possible to install secondary glazing which involves adding a frame containing a single panel of glass over the original single glazed unit. This is a lower cost method of achieving less heat loss but not as effective as double glazing. However, it can be a good alternative for listed buildings as no planning permission is required.

How can double glazing benefit my home?

According to the Energy Saving Trust, by installing double glazing, a single-glazed detached home could save up to £115 on energy in a single year. In addition to the potential financial payback, installing double glazing can deliver several other benefits to your home which are well worth considering.

Heat retention & energy saving

Double glazing acts as an insulator and increases the amount of heat you can keep inside your home. This means your home should not only feel warmer but you also shouldn’t need to use as much heating. Using your heating less e.g. at a lower temperature or less often will reduce your home’s carbon footprint and could even reduce your energy bills.

Reduced condensation & damp

Double glazing helps reduce damp within the home by reducing condensation. This is partly due to the fact that the internal panel of glass in a double glazed unit is at a temperature closer to that of the room. This reduces the effect of internal air reaching its dew point and depositing water on the coldest object, usually the window, which is very common on single glazed units.

Noise reduction

In addition to heat insulation, double glazing can also act as an effective barrier against outside noise. For homes in built up areas or near busy roads this is particularly attractive and can greatly improve quality of life.

Better security

Double glazing is more difficult to break which improves your home’s security. It can also act as a deterrent to any potential intruders looking for an easy target.

Pushes up resale value

An energy efficient home is an attractive prospect for a potential buyer, should you wish to sell your home in the future. In some cases it can even add to the resale value of your home.

Is Double Glazing Worth the Cost?

Double glazing should be viewed as a long term investment in your home and over time you could see significant savings on your energy bills. The installation will create a warmer, quieter environment ensuring a better quality of life whilst increasing the resale and aesthetic value of your home. You can find estimated costs in our Guide to Window Styles & Prices 2018. It’s important to source and compare multiple double glazing quotes. Prices will vary from installer to installer as will the quality of the windows they offer. Comparing quotes from both national and independent suppliers will ensure you get the best quality at the right price.

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For example, a little known fact is that windows can be tested and awarded a thermal efficiency rating in a similar way that boilers and other domestic appliances are awarded an energy efficiency rating. The scheme, provided by the BRFC, applies a rating from A-G with ‘A’ indicating the best for thermal efficiency. A manufacturer reaching a band of ‘C’ or above is able to display the ‘Energy Saving Trust Recommended’ logo to the window. It’s worth asking potential suppliers if the windows being quoted for have been tested in this way and what energy rating they achieved.

For more information about double glazing and to get competitive quotes from installers across the UK we recommend visiting Windows Guide.

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