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Cheapest Energy Tariffs

By David Holmes on August 1, 2008

It’s been a turbulent week in the energy and utilities market with gas and electricity price increases from British Gas, with more companies to follow suit it’s a good time to ensure you’re on the best tariff available and if not , switch.

There are two tariffs you should be investigating, fixed price plans which guarantee your energy prices will stay at the current market rate and online tariffs, which have variable pricing but are usually cheaper in the short term.

Fixed Price 2011 from British Gas is currently a market leader in the fixed pricing sector and are offering to set your rates at 2008 prices until 30th September 2011, British Gas are also claiming that on average customers save £240 on a fixed price plan, with the current volatile energy market this figure could well be a lot higher.

If you’d rather a more flexible plan where you can cancel at your leisure then Click Energy 5 is currently the cheapest online tariff of any major supplier and boasts savings of up to £200. To maximise this you should opt for the dual-fuel option with direct debit.

Either way, investigate your options and choose wisely.