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CORGI Releases Carbon Monoxide Report – At Risk Regions Revealed

By David Holmes on March 6, 2008

C02 poisoning claimed 50 lives between January 2006 and April 2007 according to a new CORGI report. In addition 120 incidents and 218 injuries were reported although this figure is thought to be much higher due to fragmented reporting and cases passing through healthcare un-reported.

As expected vulnerable groups include children and elderly whilst tenants are also to be at a high level of risk due to landlords disregarding boiler safety regulations. Of most concern is the general lack of awareness of carbon monoxide poisoning, the report showed that 90% of households have smoke alarms but only 25% have CO2 alarms with 3% not even knowing what one is.

CO2 Map

Worst hit regions include The North East, Yorkshire, Wales and the Midlands.

Recommendations made within the report included regular servicing of gas boilers and appliances by a CORGI registered member. Flues and chimneys should be kept clear and the fitting of a carbon monoxide (CO) detector should be prioritised.