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Why Switch Energy Supplier?

By David Holmes on July 6, 2009

Switch Energy Supplier and Reduce Your Gas BillsDid you know that you might be paying more for your energy than your neighbour? Well, you don’t have to. Consumers in the UK have the option to choose their energy providers and there are many advantages to making the switch.

When you change energy providers, you are not actually changing the electricity or natural gas that is coming into your home.  You are simply changing the cost of the energy coming into your home by changing the provider.  There are several reasons why you should evaluate switching your energy supplier.

Lower Costs

By shopping around, researching the best companies and prices, you can save yourself loads of money every year.  For example, if your monthly bill is £25 and you can reduce it to £20, you would be saving an extra £60 per year to receive the same exact energy that you are receiving today.  You can energy prices and choose another company that will provide you the exact same energy that you receive today but at a lower cost.  Why should you pay more for the same energy as your neighbour?

Bundled Discounts

You can also save costs by combining energy services together with the same provider.  For example, you can combine your electricity and gas together to get a combination discount.  Some energy companies will provide a 3-8% discount on your bill when you combine services (dual fuel).  How much will that save your family every month and every year?  How do you know if you are getting the best price for energy services?  These questions are things that you most certainly should discover the answers to.

Save Money Using Direct Debit

Ask providers whether they provide you with added benefits when you are performing your comparison shopping.  Search for an energy provider than provides a discount for monthly direct debits from your bank account.  This small savings per month can add up to big savings in the long term, as you could save 1-5% more on your monthly energy bill.

Extra Benefits

Another reason other than costs savings to switch your energy provider is so that you have access to additional features and benefits.  One of the possible benefits is online bill pay and review.  Not only will this provide you with the option to pay your bill at any time, it is also a green approach as it is a paperless option.  Paying your bill online will simplify your monthly bill paying process and will save you costs with your energy provider.

Switching your energy provider can save you money every month in several fashions. You can reduce your monthly bill with the savings in pure energy costs, you can achieve discounts by combining services and you may have the option to even further reduce your bill by establishing a monthly direct debit program.