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British Gas EnergySmart™

See and track your usage online with EnergySmart™ from British Gas

FREE Electricity Monitor with EnergySmart

The EnergySmart service from British Gas will transform the way you pay for your energy, meaning no more surprise bills in the post. With this new service you stay in control, so you know exactly how much energy you have used each month, and how much it is costing you.

Using EnergySmart enables you to monitor your utility bills so you can cut down on the amount of fuel you use and save on costs.

British Gas

The benefits of EnergySmart™ include:

  • Saving you up to £195*
    By managing your energy consumption more efficiently you could save up to £125 a year with Energysmart on our Clear & Simple tariff. *
    If you sign up to our Online Variable February 2014 tariff with EnergySmart for gas and electricity you could save up to £195 (savings of £70 versus our Clear & simple tariff and £125 for reducing consumption with EnergySmart)*
  • Accurate bills
    Say goodbye to estimated bills as your statements will be based on monthly meter readings which you can send online or by text.
  • Online Management
    Using our online account management service you can carry out many functions easily, including paying bills and checking your energy usage and charges in advance.
  • FREE electricity monitor
    British Gas will let you have an electricity monitor free of charge so that you can check how much electricity your appliances use. This will enable you to cut down where necessary, and may save you pounds.

What is EnergySmart™?

EnergySmart is an innovative new service to help you manage your energy usage and payments.

With this new online service you can monitor and reduce the amount of energy you use, therefore helping you save on bills.

British Gas
  • See and track your usage online with our EnergySmart Service and see where you can save energy and money
  • Reduce your bills
  • Get a free electricity monitor
  • Receive statements based on actual usage

What will I receive?

As well as a handy electricity monitor and online tools, British Gas will supply you with everything you need to become EnergySmart, helping you save money.

This will include:

  • A free electricity monitor
    The electricity monitor from British Gas enables you to check the energy consumption of your appliances so that you can cut down on any areas where usage is high.
  • Online tools to track energy used
    With sophisticated online tools that are easy to use, you will be able to track energy usage and set cost reduction targets. You’ll also find tips on saving energy.
  • Monthly online bills based on actual usage
    Statements will be monthly rather than quarterly, enabling you to spread the cost, and, because can submit your meter readings online, your bills will be based on actual usage rather than estimates.
  • FREE Electricity Monitor with EnergySmart
  • Regular reminders
    You’ll also receive free reminders by phone, text or email so that you won’t forget when to take your meter reading.
  • Easy payment options
    There is a range of easy ways to pay your bills including monthly by direct debit, and online by debit card or credit card.

Using the EnergySmart Monitor

How do I qualify for EnergySmart™?

EnergySmart is available free of charge to both existing British Gas customers and new customers and it’s easy to apply.

For new customers

  1. Select a tariff to suit you
  2. Select your chosen payment method
  3. Sign up for free

For existing customers

  1. Log-in online or fill in your account number
  2. Set your tariff to a qualifying amount
  3. Select your payment option for settling your bills
  4. You’re finished – you can now begin using EnergySmart
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Terms and Conditions apply. Excludes selected tariffs. Subject to availability.

* £195 comprises: savings of £70 against our Clear & Simple tariff prices for Online Variable February 2014 customers (who receive a 6% discount on their rates below our Clear & Simple tariff prices); and savings of up to £125 by reducing consumption by 12% (by using the EnergySmart online consumption hub and electricity monitor). Savings are based on average annual consumption of 16,500 kWh for gas and 3,300 kWh for single rate electricity, paying by Monthly Direct Debit on our Clear & Simple tariff prices as at 27th November 2012 , rounded average across all regions including VAT. Actual savings will vary depending on individual circumstances.