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Clyde - Boiler Efficiency Ratings

Boiler Efficiency Rating

You can find out the energy efficiency of your boiler by checking its energy rating; you can do this now by selecting the make and model below.

A boiler’s energy rating is an indicator of its efficiency when used within an average domestic household. It's a great benchmark for comparing new boilers and can help you work out how much money you could save on energy bills if you replaced your current boiler with a more efficient model.

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Clyde Boilers

ModelTypeFuelEfficiencyMore Info
Clyde CW45 Condensing Gas 89.9% More Info
Clyde CW60 Condensing Gas 90.4% More Info
Clyde GB112-43 Condensing Gas 90.3% More Info
Clyde GB112-60 Condensing Gas 90.2% More Info
Clyde GO4E Non-Condensing Gas 78.7% More Info
Clyde GO5E Non-Condensing Gas 78.8% More Info
Clyde GO6E Non-Condensing Gas 78.7% More Info
Clyde GO7E Non-Condensing Gas 78.7% More Info