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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating reduces energy costs

A viable alternative to conventional radiator style central heating systems is underfloor heating or UFH, the system consists of small bore pipes laid underfloor typically fed by a condensing boiler.

Heating homes in this way provides a consistent even heat release from floor level providng comfort underfoot and pleasant temperatures throughout the home. As the pipes are hidden there are no unsightly radiators and requires lower water temperature to maintain the same temperature level as radiator style systems.

Underfloor Heating Supplied by a Condensing Boiler – The Perfect Match?

Because condensing boilers work more efficently at lower temperatures pairing an underfloor heating system can reduce heating costs by up to 15%, this is due to the fact that a condensing boiler runs in condensing mode at lower temperartures, as underfloor heating usually requires lower temperatures than a conventional system the boiler is allowed to work in it’s most efficient mode and thus reduces greenhouse gases and energy costs.

Other Benefits

Given the energy saving benefits of underfloor heating there are many ‘hidden’ benefits…

  • No unsightly radiators
  • Quieter as all components are underfloor
  • No radiators to bleed
  • Even, more consistent temerature
  • Less air movement, less dust circulating in the air
  • Lower running costs