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Archive for May, 2012

£10 million RHPP for social housing tenants launched today

A £10 million Government scheme which aims to encourage the uptake of renewable heating technologies in the social housing sector is now open for applications.  Launched today, under the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP) scheme social housing landlords across the UK can apply for a one-off grant which they can put towards the cost of […]

New research claims energy will be unaffordable in three years

New research has forecast that average household energy bills will rise to more than£1,500 a year by 2015, making energy unaffordable and pushing more and more families into fuel poverty.  Energy bills have already doubled in the last eight years, say, a price comparison website. Should energy prices continue to rise at a similar […]

Germany leads the way in solar energy

As Britain mulls over its nuclear ambitions, Germany has set a solar PV world record, generating an astonishing 22GW of electricity between Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May. Is one of Europe’s biggest energy exporters showing the UK how to utilise renewable energy, or does the world record mask disappointment in the German solar industry? […]

Is the future bright for solar power?

The British Government has announced that Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) will be reduced from 21p per kWh to 16p, a drop of almost 25 percent. The news comes after the government was taken to court earlier in the year over its decision to slash FITs from 43p per kWh to just 21p with almost immediate effect. […]

More cuts to befall solar FiTs in August

Changes are afoot for the solar industry in the UK, with the Government confirming that more cuts are to be befall the feed-in tariff, alongside a range of other ‘tweaks’ which are due to be implemented at the beginning of August.  It would be fair to say that the solar industry in this country hasn’t […]

Collective purchasing schemes the way forward says Davey

In light of the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s recently published draft energy bill – which included proposals to reform the UK electricity market – Secretary of State Ed Davey has suggested that collective purchasing schemes are the way forward for consumers to fight off rising energy bills.  The Government’s Electricity Market Reform, which […]

Reactions to Government’s draft energy bill

According to critics, government measures to ease Britain towards a greener future are likely to result in higher domestic energy bills. Volker Beckers, the chief executive of Npower, argued that the Coalition’s draft energy bill would inevitably lead to uncertainty in the market. Discussing some of the finer points of the bill, Mr Beckers said: […]

Rising bills unavoidable under energy reforms

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey has admitted that energy reforms will lead to an increase in energy bills for consumers. He said it just wasn’t possible to “turn back the tide” when it came to escalating energy prices.  Plans set out under the Government’s draft energy bill are expected to include a push […]

Government urged to not give up green investment

A cross-party group of politicians has urged the British Government not to give up on green investment in a “desperate dash for growth”. The advice came in the form of a report published by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), which accused government ministers of failing to deliver on their green promises. The EAC added that […]

Rising energy costs hit private tenants the hardest

New research has revealed that tenants in private housing tend to be the hardest hit when it comes to soaring gas and electricity bills.  Conducted by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) the research has looked at how lifestyles and different types of dwelling can have a knock on effect on energy costs. Compared […]