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British Gas New Energy and AlertMe Team Up

By David Holmes on August 3, 2009

alertmeIf you want to reduce your households carbon emissions, save money and cut energy consumption, but are finding it difficult to know how to proceed, the latest trial between the award winning energy saving company, AlertMe and a division of British Gas, may just be the answer.

AlertMe have developed energy monitoring equipment that customers can use interactively and control remotely, through their broadband connection. The AlertMe hardware can be used to monitor and adjust their heating and energy consumption. By remotely logging-in to their accounts, customers can turn their heating up, down, on or off, as well as monitor and compare where energy is being used.

Now, British Gas New Energy have announced they are to team up with AlertMe in order to offer their customers the chance to embrace this new technology and save money by taking control in their own homes.

British Gas and AlertMe will be able to offer customers the ability to monitor information about their heating consumption, control their output and use the integrated technology and intelligent system, which can automatically detect when there is no one home and turn off or adjust the heating systems accordingly.

It is hoped that British Gas customers will be able to implement this technology into their home heating systems by the end of 2009. Customers may have to pay an initial outlay for the hardware equipment required and there is thought to be additional monthly costs, however it should be negated by fuel bill reduction.