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E.ON Launches New Online Fixed Term Tariff

By Katie Anderson on July 1, 2011

E.ON has today launched its latest online gas and electricity tariff, which it guarantees will remain at least 2% cheaper compared to its standard tariff.

The fixed-term tariff is the eighth version of its Save Online tariff. Whilst it offers a guaranteed 2% discount on its standard tariff it is not a fixed-price deal.

Save Online 8 is an online energy tariff, so you will have to manage the account using the Internet. It is only available on a fixed monthly direct debit term and is applicable for dual fuel or electricity only.

The tariff is not protected from any future price rises, and after the 12 month period, customers will automatically be switched to a similar tariff or to the energy provider’s standard tariff, which could see customers incurring higher bills as standard energy tariffs are expensive compared to cheaper online deals.

Customers who wish to leave before the end of the 12 month period will have to pay a £30 exit fee for dual fuel or £10 if they are on the electricity only plan.