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Ideal Boilers

By David Holmes on November 5, 2008

Ideal boilers have been offering heating solutions since 1905. Innovation and value are their main goals whilst maintaining quality of the product. The flagship Ideal product is the new HE Esprit combi boiler which Ideal proudly announces as the “installers champion”! A quick browse at the boiler shows all the signs that are needed to be considered a top combi boiler such as the SEDBUK grade A, the easy to use controls and a parts and labour warranty of two years. But on closer inspection it offers an easier installation programme with simple controls and also a massive ten year warranty on the heat exchanger in the boiler.

Ideal Mini HE is another of the combi boilers on offer, and like it suggests can fit into most small spaces in the kitchen. The maximum output of the Ideal Mini is 32.2 kW and a maximum water flow of 13 l/min. The Mini operates at SEDBUK grade B.

Ideal also produce system; heat only, boilers which come at cheaper prices like most in the industry. Ideal manufacture the icos, Mexico HE and Classic HE. The classic comes with just a SEDBUK B while Mexico and icos is SEDBUK A.

For owners of larger homes with 2 or 3 bathrooms then a system storage is also available which warms a large tank of water. The Istor HE unit comes with a SEDBUK A and is the only product in this range.