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Grant Boilers – Prices, Guarantees & Benefits

grant boiler logoBased in Wiltshire, Grant has led the oil boiler market in the UK for more than 35 years. In recent years they have expanded their product range to focus on improving the energy efficiency of their boilers through condensing technology. In addition, they also now offer a range of renewable energy solutions including biomass boilers, solar thermal technology and air source heat pumps. Award-winning Grant boilers range from 15-70kW and are endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust.

Grant Product Range

  • Oil Fired Boilers (Combi, System and Regular)
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Solar Thermals
  • Cylinders / Thermal Stores
  • Energy Management Controls
  • Hybrids

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Popular Combi Boilers

There are several Combi boilers in Grant’s product range including models suited for both internal and external installation. They are supplied with water directly from the mains with no need for a feed and expansion tank and heat water on demand for both heating and domestic use.

VortexBlue Combi InternalVortexBlue Combi ExternalVortexPro Combi InternalVortexPro Combi XS Compact
Available Outputs (kW)21, 26, 3621, 26, 3615-21, 21-26, 26-3626
Dimensions (mm)860 x 614 x 606 (36kW = 900 x 614 x 606)945 x 658 x 754860 x 614 x 606 (26-36kW = 900 x 614 x 606)857 x 515 x 606
Central Heating Energy Rating AAAA
Water Heating Energy RatingBBBB
Water Heating Energy Rating2 years2 years2 years2 years
Warranty when installed by G-One installer10 years10 years5 years5 years

Popular System Boilers

Grant System boilers include a factory fitted expansion vessel, filling loop, pressure gauge, automatic air vent, high efficiency circulating pump and pressure relief valve. The boiler will produce hot water for your central heating and can be installed without a feed and expansion tank in the attic. When paired with a hot water cylinder (also available from Grant) these boilers will also produce hot water for your taps.

VortexBlue Internal Sealed SystemVortex Eco Internal Wall Hung Sealed System Vortex Eco External Wall Hung Sealed System
Available Outputs (kW)15-21, 21-26, 26-3612-16, 16-2112-16, 16-21
Dimensions (mm)860 x 470 x 603 (36kW = 900 x 470 x 603)840 x 580 x 322837 x 635 x 350
Energy Rating AAA
Standard Warranty2 years2 years2 years
Warranty when installed by G-One installer10 years5 years5 years

Take a look at the energy efficiency rating of Grant boilers here.

Popular Regular Boilers

A Regular or Utility boiler from Grant is the ideal replacement model for older heating systems and large homes with a high demand for hot water. They are usually fed their water supply by a feed and expansion tank in the loft and require a hot water cylinder in order to produce hot water for your taps.

Vortex Eco UtilityVortex Pro Utility Vortex Blue Internal
Available Outputs (kW)15-21, 21-26, 26-3615-21, 15-36, 26-36, 36-46, 46-58, 58-7015-21, 21-26, 26-36
Dimensions (mm)860 x 430 x 605 (36kW = 900 x 470 x 603)855 x 348 x 566 – 1234 x 563 x 786860 x 470 x 603 (36kW = 900 x 470 x 603)
Energy Rating AAA
Standard Warranty2 years2 years2 years
Warranty when installed by G-One installer5 years5 years10 years

Popular Discontinued Boilers

Below you can find more information about some of Grant’s most popular discontinued models (ideal if you want to compare your current boiler to their new offerings).

Grant Boiler Prices

Prices for Grant oil boilers begin at around £1,300 and can reach up to £2,500 or more for the most powerful models.

To get an exact quote for a fully installed Grant boiler you need to contact professional installers who will assess your exact requirements before giving their most competitive price. To take advantage of the longer warranties offered by Grant you need to find a G-One accredited installer.

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Grant Guarantee

As standard Grant include a free 1 year warranty on their oil fired boilers but this doubles to 2 years as long as you register the product within 30 days. However, if your boiler is installed by a Grant accredited installer, i.e. a member of their G-One scheme, and includes a Grant Vortex Mag-One magnetic filter warranties can extend up to 5 or even 10 years on some models. Installers who have completed the G-One course are trained to install the product to the highest standards to deliver maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Why Choose Grant Boilers?

Grant are one of the UK’s top manufacturers of oil fired condensing boilers and, with such a wide range of models in several outputs, they an excellent choice for homes of any size. They have received numerous awards and endorsements including the Which? Best Buy 2017 for their Vortex and VortexBlue boilers. The range is endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust and offers lengthy warranty periods for real peace of mind.

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