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New Developments for Solar Panelling

By David Holmes on May 15, 2009

A company named Armageddon Energy are making waves in the US by trying to make solar power more accessible to normal households. The new technology can be installed quickly on to the roof of a person’s home straight from the box and they make what was an awkward and difficult conversion to solar power a much simpler process. One solar panel which the company calls the ‘clover’ can provide a home with up to 400 watts of power.

The panels are made from silicon, hexagon shaped and placed within a triangular frame which is then loaded on to the roof. They also slot together making it easy to add a customised panel design to any rooftop. They then must be secured in place and angled to collect as much sunlight as possible, before being plugged in to the home’s power systems. The panels are breaking news because as well as being very easy to install they are also far lighter than conventional solar panels and this is because they are Teflon coated instead of glass coated. Some reports also claim they are cheaper than a conventional panel set up.

Although the news about the panels is spreading fast, the company has stated that these are prototypes and won’t be on the market for a year. When they are released they are expected to be a huge success, however. A different company, Veranda Solar, is also working on some competitive solar panels which can be plugged straight in to a home’s power systems and require little more than a screwdriver to set up. Some expert hypothesise that in the next two years normal home improvement stores could start selling plug-and-play style solar panels for homes all over the world which will revolutionise how we make energy.