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Household Insulation Tips

There are numerous reasons as to why it is beneficial to insulate the home. Not only does household insulation limit the waste of energy, which means a less harmful effect on the environment, but it has the equal benefit of saving a lot of money throughout the home. The fact that household insulation acts to prevent wasted heat escaping the house, means that radiators, or other sources of heat, need to be turned on significantly less, which quite obviously decreases costs. There are numerous incredibly simple methods of integrating household insulation into the home acting in different areas of the house, which when combined will have the effect of total insulation throughout. This means more money saved and much less of a negative impact on the environment.

For example, an investment in cavity wall insulation, which works by filling the gap between the inner and outer wall of a house with a dense, insulating material which prevents heat escaping, not only helps to save money but contributes significantly to aiding the environment with the average household preventing the release of eight hundred kilograms of carbon dioxide per year. Further, this form of household insulation can reduce costs of heating by fifteen percent on average which clearly is no bad thing.

Another form of home insulation, which acts to reduce heat wastage, is loft insulation. Very simply, the insulating material is placed between the joists in a roof space and acts to prevent heat escaping from the house below. Loft insulation is a particularly important form of household insulation, as the average home loses one quarter of its heat energy through this space. From this form of household insulation the average home will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by one tonne per year and in financial terms savings will be around two hundred and five pounds if two hundred and seventy millimetres of insulating material is installed. The installation is incredibly simple and can be carried out without the use of a professional, which makes this a highly cost effective take on home insulation.

Equally, the replacement of standard wooden windows with double glazing is an excellent method of home insulation as it reduces heat loss by up to fifty percent, further reducing household carbon dioxide emissions by seven hundred and twenty kilograms per year. This prevention of heat loss translates financially into savings of one hundred and forty pounds a year. But beyond the obvious, there are a multitude of other positive factors related to the installation of double-glazing. For example, they can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing, with a wide range of styles from which to choose, befitting any house. Beyond this, they significantly reduce street noise, and prevent negative elements such as condensation. Double-glazing can be installed incredibly simply by trained professionals and the large amount of suppliers’ means there is a wide variety of packages to choose from that can suit any home.

All of the above methods bring significant benefits to the homeowner who employs them. Not only do they decrease the impact of the household on the environment, creating a clean conscience and sense of wellbeing, but also they help to save large amounts of money. In a time of rising energy prices this is certainly a considerably positive element and very much worth consideration.

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