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Home Heating and Energy Facts

lightbulb Heating and energy is at the heart of domestic comfort, especially in the cold, dark winter months. So it can’t help to know a little more about it. Whether you’re researching energy saving tips or just simply curious – here some interesting facts you may not have known about your home and the amount of energy you could be saving.

Everyday Living Facts

  • If  we all boiled only the water we needed, e.g. to make a cup of tea, instead of “filling” the kettle each time, we could save enough electricity in a year to power street lighting in the UK for two months. This could also save around £6 a year on energy bills.
  • In most homes, lighting accounts for 10 – 15 per cent of the electricity bill.
  • Not leaving things on standby, e.g. the television, could save around £40 per year on energy bills.
  • You can find more quick and easy tips in our guide to wasting less energy.

Insulation Facts

  • Up to 18 per cent of heat in a typical uninsulated house is lost through windows. Double glazing would reduce this loss.
  • There are approximately 25 million households in the UK. But more than a third of all households remain without cavity wall insulation.
  • More than 40 per cent of the heat lost from an average house is through loft spaces and walls. This heat loss annually throughout the UK  is enough to heat three million homes for a year.
  • If  each UK household installed loft insulation of up to 250mm thickness, the equivalent financial saving would pay the energy bills of 635,000 families for a year.
  • Found out more about heat loss here.

Central Heating Facts

  • Heating and hot water account for over half the cost of the average fuel bill.
  • If everyone in the UK with gas central heating installed a condensing boiler, then CO2 emissions would be cut by 17.5 million tonnes, saving £1.3 billion on our energy bills annually.
  • Replacing a 15-year-old boiler could save you over 20 per cent on your fuel bills or 32 per cent if a condensing boiler is installed.
  • Oil can be used as an alternative fuel if your home is not connected to the gas mains.
  • Looking after your central heating system can keep it running efficiently and even save you money on your energy bills