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Water Conservation Tips

Water conservation is playing a critical part in today’s environmentally conscious society & by conserving some of this precious resource you’ll not only save money on a metered supply you will help save the environment.

An average household uses approximately 160 litres of water per day but by taking some simple measures this can be reduced significantly.

Water Butts

A great way of saving huge amounts of water in the garden is by installing a water butt, these can be bought from as little £20 & tap into a downpipe from the roof of a shed or house, the water can then be drawn off at leisure for watering.


Water Flush Bag

Typically toilets manufactured prior to 2001 had a single flush of up to 10 litres, this can be reduced by placing a brick, plastic bottle filled with water or by specially designed flush bags into the cistern, Severn Trent Water provide these free to it’s customers & displace 1 litre of water, reducing the amount of water required for each flush. Modern cisterns are of a smaller capacity with dual flush modes and do not require these but always ensure you use the ‘half flush’ button when needed.


Washing machines can use up to 100 litres of water per wash, always ensure you use it only when required & contains a full load. Dishwashers are also guilty of being water thirsty and can require up to 50 litres per load, many of the modern day machines have an ‘eco wash’ setting which in most cases is quite adequate. When buying new appliances try and buy one that has a good energy efficiency rating & carries the Energy Saving Logo.


Always try and use a shower instead of a bath, showers use far less water.

Car Washing

Hosepipes are notorious for water wastage so always use a bucket and sponge rather than a hosepipe when washing cars.

Running & Dripping Taps

Try to refrain from a running a tap constantly when washing vegetables or cleaning teeth and always fix dripping taps, this can be easy and inexpensive to do.

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