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A report has been commissioned on hard to fill cavity walls

A study has been presented to the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) to encourage action to be taken on issues concerning hard to fill cavity walls.

According to the report, cavity wall insulation is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways for the householder to reduce carbon emissions and help tackle fuel poverty. However, experts feel more needs to be done to investigate the technical problems, feasibility, costs and risks of insulating.

The study states that emerging technologies that are slowly coming onto the UK market could be a solution.

Key findings show that if the issues with hard to fill cavity walls were addressed, then the potential carbon dioxide savings could be as much as 271,000-407,000 tonnes a year with just a 20 per cent take-up.

Researchers also claimed that a 100 per cent take-up would see CO2 savings of up to one million tonnes a year.

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1 thought on “A report has been commissioned on hard to fill cavity walls

  1. the old couple next door have been ripped off with their cavity wall insulation their house is a two bedroom semi built in the 30 s and were told by the so called skilled cavity wall insulators that only the lower half of their property had a cavity this left me and my neibour in disbilief knowing that not to be the case so they only filled the bottom of the wall cavity and quietly drove off

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