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Barker Separates Green Deal Fact From Fiction

As the Government continues to fine tune the details, the Minister for Energy and Climate Change has spoken out about the Green Deal in an effort to try and separate fact from fiction.

In an article published in the Guardian on Friday, Greg Barker discussed the myths surrounding the Government’s revolutionary home insulation initiative. The Energy and Climate Minister hit back at various media claims that the initiative won’t save people money.

Talking about the level of savings that homeowners can achieve, he said two different assessments would form part of the scheme, with one designed to take into consideration the customer’s average energy use, and another assessment which would delve into the way in which a household can maximize their achievable savings. Barker highlighted the fact that everyone would be able to make savings, and that people were free to take part in the scheme or not; the measures are not by any means compulsory, as some people appear to believe.

There certainly seems to be a lot of confusion about the Green Deal, with opinion divided over whether the initiative has the potential to be everything it claims to be. Many people believe it’s too big for its boots, and is more likely to fall flat on its face as opposed to fulfilling its full potential.

But the scheme, which is set to be introduced this Autumn, is clearly an important initiative – and one that will take a great deal of organisation if it is to be in any way a success. It will enable people to improve their badly insulated draughty homes, such as through installing loft insulation,cavity wall insulation and double glazing, but without needing to pay for the cost of the work up front.

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