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Baxi Solarflo Succeeds in Dartmoor National Park

Property developers in Dartmoor have been impressed by the Baxi Solarflo, which comprises solar thermal panels to generate hot water for use throughout the home.

In illustration of the product’s environmental worth, the Baxi Solarflo was recently fitted to the roof of a barn conversion in Dartmoor National Park. Managing to adhere to strict planning requirements, the Baxi Solarflo installation also succeeded in its primary aim of providing hot water to the property.

Simon Oaff, the Director of Mapstone Property, explained that the decision to use the Baxi Solarflo was relatively straightforward.

Mr Oaff said: “Dartmoor National Park Planning has stringent planning policies to control development within the National Park and to ensure the area maintains its character and beauty. However, it also encourages the use of low carbon, environmentally friendly technologies, so the panels, integrated into the structure of the roof, are unobtrusive yet effective.”

As the UK Government presses for more environmentally friendly homes, property developers and homeowners must consider the eco-friendliness of their central heating systems. Clearly, the Baxi Solarflo offers an excellent solution for those who desire environmentally friendly technology that conforms to strict building regulations and conservation laws.

Mr Oaff added: “The original barn on this site was small; but, by using local materials for the outside of the building and state-of-the-art products and technologies in its construction, we have built a spacious, modern, energy efficient and attractive family home which is compatible with its surroundings.”

Mr Oaff continued: “The two panels are installed in a south facing roof and exposed to seven or eight hours of sunshine, especially in the summer. Even in the winter, because of the roof’s orientation, enough solar energy is collected to raise the temperature of the water, which is stored in a 300-litre Santon direct solar cylinder. The cylinder is not linked to a boiler and has a twin immersion heater to top up the hot water as required.”

The Director concluded: “The system comfortably provides hot water for two en-suite shower rooms, one large main bathroom and a cloakroom. We have been impressed by the quick recovery of hot water, especially in the summer and the solar thermal provides around 80 per cent of the property’s hot water requirement.”

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