Helping UK homeowners save money on their heating

Big Energy Week Aims to Help You Save Money

Are you struggling to pay your energy bills? Are you too scared to put your central heating on? If the answer is yes, then help is at hand thanks to Big Energy Week. 

Citizens Advice, in conjunction with energy suppliers, consumer organisations and Government agencies, has today launched Big Energy Week, a campaign designed to offer money saving help and advice to consumers looking to reduce their energy bills.

To back the launch of the campaign, Citizens Advice has revealed the findings of a recent study, which claims two in five people are worried that they will not be able to pay their next energy bill. The study revealed that 43% of people fear being unable to find the funds to pay their next fuel bill, while one in two of the survey’s participants said the rising cost of their energy bills would be a strain on their finances.

Last year the charity dealt with more than 95,000 fuel debt problems. Chief executive Gillian Guy said every day they were called upon to help people who simply cannot afford to pay their fuel bills, thanks to prices hikes which put even more pressure on finances when money is already tight.

“We’re worried that some people are struggling unnecessarily because they’re not on the best deal, live in homes that hemorrhage heat or are not getting all of the financial help available to them.”

Running from 16 – 21 January, Big Energy Week aims to highlight the measures consumers can take, which will help them save money and cut back on their energy cost, including:

  • Keep on top of your bills – by working out how much your spend on your fuel bills, you’ll be able to budget to cover the costs.
  • Search around for the best deal – according to the CA a household could save up to £200 annually by switching suppliers
  • Implement energy efficient home improvements, such as cavity wall insulation, installing a new energy efficient boiler or fitting loft insulation. Check to see if you are eligible for a grant – such as the Warm Front scheme in England – to help insulate your home.
  • Other energy saving measures, such as turning your thermostat down by one degree and making sure you don’t leave appliances on standby will help to reduce your energy costs.

If you are struggling to pay for your fuel bills, contact your energy supplier straight away. They should be able to offer you affordable repayments and may even be able to offer assistance when it comes to insulating your home.

For more information please visit the Big Energy Week website

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