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Boiler Insurance

Why should I get boiler insurance? Having boiler insurance will give you security and peace of mind, knowing that if your system breaks down, your insurance provider will send someone out to repair it. Regular maintenance checks carried out by qualified personnel on your boiler and central heating system, as part of your heating cover plan will give added protection.

Often this type of insurance is offered by your energy supplier but it’s wise to shop around to find the deal that’s best for you.

Which boiler insurance should I choose? The price of insurance plans and what they cover can vary greatly between providers. It’s important to choose one which suits the type of heating system and boiler you have.

If your boiler is the standard gas type, such as a combi, your heating cover should include at least some if not all of the following:

  • The cost of parts and labour for any repairs needed to your boiler
  • Help with the cost of replacing your heating system if it is beyond repair
  • Annual maintenance
  • A set or unlimited amount of claims per year

There are a wide range of heating cover plans to choose from. For help in making an informed choice on what plan is right for you try one of the price comparison sites like uSwitch, one of our favourite suppliers is British Gas HomeCare which provide high levels of service and have won Which? Best Buy awards.

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One thought on “Boiler Insurance

  1. I previously brought a ‘Heat Cover Plan’ from a company called ‘Cover Heat’. I have to confess that it was the worst thing I had ever done in my entire life!

    This is the story. I previously brought a ‘Home Protection Plan’ during December 2007. The plan sounded mind ease with them calling you to make the first survey appointment and cover you for the rest of the year; after you paid that is when my NIGHTMARES come….

    I waited for their phone for a very long time, and I have been busy with my company work so I could not devote my time to remembering it all the time. After 3 whole months, I got to the point I had a bit of time to contact them and they inform me that they had forgot?? We made the appointment for the first survey but they could not confirm the time so I had to wait for the engineer to come. When the engineer came, during the middle of the afternoon, for those of you have cars you would know it is the worst time to find a parking space in a busy street, he could not park his van and I could not give a space to him because I do not own a car. So no space either. In the end he had to left and said we will have to make another appointment at a different time. However, they start to contact me with very unusual questions instead of rescheduling: ie. Do you living in that property? Do you own a parking space? Etc. The company stopped after a while and nothing for to almost a month concerning this matter. Because of this unusual delay for the first survey to activate my cover plan, I contacted them to reschedule instead of them contacting me. Everything was fine until a few days later.

    They contact me and indicated the engineer came before and because he was not able to park on a busy day he needs to be paid. This was the company’s explanation. To resolve this matter, they THREATEN, and I strongly emphasize this, that IF I DO NOT PAY FOR THEIR FEE, THEY WILL NOT SEND A ENGINEER OUT, UNLESS YOU HAVE PROOF OF YOUR FIRST SURVEY!!! This actually contradicts the reasons of purchasing an expensive policy to cut through all the red tapes!

    Currently, after half a year, my ‘Home Protection Plan’ is still not active and the company is still going to consider covered but not active!

    Finally, if you wish to buy a Plan you can do it at you own risk. It is actually cheaper having a call-out-charge than having a plan, which I had done. A call-out-charge does the job immediately with ease of mind! The plan instead gave be continuous headaches, high blood pressure and lost of money. Avoid it at all cost!!

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