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British Gas Energyshare Tariff Launched

The way we think about energy in the UK is changing. Although currently only about 2% of people are on green tariffs, to try and encourage interest in renewable energy, British Gas has announced the introduction of their new green energyshare tariff.

Energyshare has been designed to help you save energy and money – and perhaps even go one step further by generating your own energy – and the tariff offers renewable electricity at the same price as a British Gas standard tariff.

The energyshare tariff also provides funding to community renewable projects, which are then voted for by energyshare members. The tariff has been designed to increase demand for renewable power, as well as boosting community projects, such as solar panels and local wind farms

The energyshare renewable energy project sees British Gas joining forces with River Cottage. Together they aim to raise £15m over the next five years to help support community renewable energy projects. British Gas has already contributed £500,000 into the energyshare fund. But that’s just the start because British Gas plans to distribute a further £3m to community renewable energy projects through the energyshare fund over the next 3 years.

Benefits of signing up to the energyshare tariff include:

  • British renewable electricity at the same price as British Gas’ Standard tariff.
  • Your choice of a free product to help you save more energy and money in your home.
  • For every year a customer remains on the tariff, British Gas will donate £10 into the energyshare fund to support renewable energy community projects.
  • The chance to vote on how money in the fund is spent.
  • The energyshare tariff is accredited under the Green Energy Supply Certification Scheme so you can be confident that it will make a real, measurable environmental difference.

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