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Brits still clueless about saving energy says survey

The Government has been encouraging us to save money by reducing our energy consumption since the 1950s and yet many Brits remain clueless about how to cut their bills according to an Age UK Enterprises survey. 

It was sixty years ago that the British Government first introduced a campaign to encourage households to save energy. Over the last sixty years Brits have been trying to lower their consumption of energy by implementing a host of measures ranging from turning off lights and fitting insulation to shutting doors and windows.

But the survey has revealed that 42% of Brits still fail to monitor the amount of energy they use.

Of course the way in which we use energy in our homes has changed over the last sixty years. Back in the 1950s 88% of people introduced steps to cut their energy use. While 75% switched off lights 72% fitted draught excluders. Fast forward sixty years and 83% of those who took part in the survey said they have implemented changes to their homes to try and cut energy consumption.

A considerable number of those surveyed (87%) say they have fitted energy saving light bulbs, with 86% turning off lights when they leave a room and 75% choosing to install double glazing to save energy.

Comparing the UK’s energy saving methods in the present day to the 1950s, today 83% turn off radio and televisions when not in use – it was 66% sixty years ago. The survey revealed a huge increase in loft insulation, with 60% having their lofts insulated compared to just 7%.

Age UK Enterprises is part of the Age UK charity. Commenting on their analysis Gordon Morris, managing director said:

“It’s great to see that nearly everyone is trying to conserve resources by installing energy-efficient technologies such as roof insulation,” said Gordon Morris, managing director of Age UK Enterprises.

“But by far the most important step in reducing electricity consumption is being aware of how much is used and which day-to-day activities use the most electricity.”

Age UK estimates that there are still around 3.3 million older people who fall into the category of fuel poor. The charity is committed to helping consumers address the issue of fuel poverty by educating them in ways in which they can lower their energy use.

As well as making sure their home is properly insulated, consumers can reduce the amount of energy they use by fitting energy saving light bulbs, turning off appliances when not in use and switching to more energy efficient appliances in the home.

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