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Calls For Energy Firms to Volunteer Lowest Tariff Info

The Energy Secretary is calling on energy retailers to volunteer information to customers to help them find the lowest tariff.

In an open letter to energy firms, Chris Huhne said that it would be “vastly preferable, less burdensome and speedier” if the government and energy providers were to reach agreement on a voluntary approach, which would help customers find the cheapest deals.

A review is currently taking place to reduce the stronghold on the “Big Six” energy firms with a view to opening the market to smaller companies. The Government wants to give consumers far more control over their energy use, by introducing the requirement for energy bills to provide information on how to move tariffs.

In the open letter, the Energy Secretary appealed in energy firms, and said he was interested in knowing their ideas when it came to providing information on energy bills as to how energy consumers could switch to their cheapest energy tariff, and how their consumption compares to other households.

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