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Communities are coming up with innovative ways to save energy with the help of British Gas

A groundbreaking project by British Gas is encouraging the nation’s communities to be greener.

Since 2010, the energy provider British Gas has pledged £2 million to help the UK come up with creative ways to save energy. This initiative, known as British Gas Green Streets, has invested in 14 projects nationwide, encouraging those involved to come up with exciting ways to generate renewable energy. The prize will be £100,000 to invest in a local environmental project of the winner’s choice.


The 14 communities are all competing until March 2011. Competitors can be found in the areas of Lancashire, Wales, Yorkshire and Suffolk, to name a few.

British Gas will be judging the best project on criteria such as:

– saving energy – generating energy locally – getting the local community involved – making a sustainable, remarkable difference

Bradford on Avon is representing the south west in the Green Streets project and has already implemented many energy saving schemes. The Christchurch Primary School recently installed solar panels in a bid to lower both their carbon footprint and their heating bills.

British Gas community project manager Claire Page was pleased with the project, saying: “As well as earning money, the installation of solar panels could help a new generation learn about renewable energy, helping the local community to understand how it works and how effective it can be.”

The winner of the British Gas Green Streets project will be announced in April 2011.

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