Helping UK homeowners save money on their heating and EST Team Up For Energy Saving Tips

It’s Energy Saving Week, and money saving website has teamed up with the Energy Saving Trust to offer consumers energy saving tips.

Turning TVs off when not in use can help reduce your electricity costs

A recent poll conducted by revealed some surprising, if not shocking, results, not least that more and more people seem to be engaging in desperate measures to fight rising gas and electricity bills.

The survey revealed that around 45% of households in the UK won’t switch their lights on, with 3% of people taking that to the extreme by eating their dinner by candlelight to save on energy bills. As romantic as dining by candlelight can be, it’s doubtful that romance is the driving factor for most Brits!

When it comes to keeping warm, an alarming number of older people – 70% of 55s and over – would rather wear more clothes, if it means they can avoid switching on their heating. And 14% of people who responded to the survey say they share their bathwater with other members of their family, as they look for more and more ways to save money. said 97% of its customers who switched their gas and electricity tariffs between November 2010 and April this year were able to reduce their bills, with 10% saving at least £400. But besides switching energy suppliers to source a better deal, other methods, like draught-proofing your windows and doors, using energy efficient light bulbs or installing loft and cavity wall insulation can all help combat those skyrocketing energy costs.

To help consumers save energy, and the Energy Saving Trust have put together a YouTube video, which shows their energy experts suggesting home energy saving tips to help you save money on your energy bills.

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